Monday, June 15, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Frida Kahlo

I'm sitting on a crowded train en route to my one-day-a-week ‘real world' job. It's just started to rain and it’s wonderfully chilly outside. In other words - a PERFECT WRITING DAY. Life seems filled with frustrating moments like this!
I've left Daisy and the Scribe at home playing dress-ups together. If I wasn't home writing, I'd love to be playing with my family today.
At times like this, it helps to give myself some perspective by meditating on something marvellous and inspiring. And for my very first Magnificent Marvellous Mighty Monday post, I've selected Frida Kahlo for pretty obvious reasons.
Frida was never one of my favourite painters at art school but her spirit is so worthy and mighty that I feel Frida is the first person I thought of to adorn this post. I often moan about the amount of operations I've had in my life. Well Frida had around thirty-five operations and yet continued to paint and create despite extreme pain.
I know a lot of us have jobs we don't want to be going to when we feel like expressing ourselves. My ultimate fantasy day is to wake up in my Jane Brockett, uncluttered, spacious by the beach home. Daisy is smiling and jolly and playing happily, amusing herself whilst I look serene and like an actress from Mad Men with my hair done and nails perfect as I type a bestseller and bluebirds sing songs of praise and glory to my greatness outside the window.
I saw a t-shirt in Newtown that made me laugh. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BLOG. I had always vowed I wouldn't attempt to Blog despite lurking on other people’s Blogs for years. I am quite addicted to reading them (see my favourites list in my About Me). But I was too busy writing to Blog. I already have a brilliant website which gets updated with the seasonal changes. I have a Facebook and MySpace and I thought that was enough for one person in a lifetime. I felt a bit like the Wizard in Oz with his megaphone as it was and Blogging would make me even more like that little man!
I was finally inspired to start this very pink and humble Blog by a wonderful English writer and her blog called What Kate Did. Her marvellous Blog with its mixture of writing and art and parenting posts showed me what was possible. And also I have to mention Pip from Meet me at Mikes who has a Blog that has that chatty retro quirky twist I love. Her Blog was also another influence on getting me started.
I'm not technically minded and so I don't have a Blog with a lot of bells and whistles. My website has more than enough of that. This is just my little corner where a few times a week I can post thoughts and images that motivate me and keep me going through the crumbly times. It's my thoughts on art, writing, motherhood, renovation and trying to keep sane and jolly amongst it all.
I hope it will be a cozy place where I can refresh my spirit and get myself focused and stay on track. Hopefully I'll meet kindred spirits along the way - if not I'll have to talk to myself. And buy one of those T-shirts to wear
I conceive Tale Peddler as being very pink, chirpy, quirky, slightly surreal, whimsical, stimulating - and as cozy as a knitted Granny rug on a cold day. A bit like Barry Humphries meeting Dame Edna for a sewing lesson and a whisky in a pink Paris cafe.
Of course it could evolve into something totally different but that's the original plan. If you enjoy visiting me please leave a comment so I know that you have called. I can pop the kettle on for when you next return.
Bless you Frida Kahlo for your courage and determination. Despite all your pain and suffering you kept your art flowing and created works of great strength, beauty, fire and power.
Thanks for dropping in to visit me here. It was lovely to catch up. I'll be home Wednesday if you'd like to call back.
Ciao xx


  1. Is this you Primrose?? I am so happy to finally meet you and be able to comment. Glad you are blogging...xv

  2. I love it! A pink paradise in the corner of the blogosphere. I also resisted blogging for ages for similar reasons but it's great. Shall add you to my blogroll and look forward to tea & pink gins with Dame Edna. x PS Kahlo extraordinary (also loved S Hayek's biopic, beautiful vivid and oh those colours!)

  3. Came over from Vicki's blog to say good morning and welcome you to blogland. I'm English but have lived in the USA many, many years. Visit home annually and also South of France where my brother lives - love life in the vineyards/ancient villages, French country style decorating etc., and would like to move there!!

    Funnily enough, we just watched 'Frida' with Salma Hayek last week - fabulous movie of an amazing woman/life.

    Have a wonderful week down under!

  4. I was lucky enough to see the Kahlo exhibit in Philadelphia last spring. I was blown away by the colors and fabulous detail of the paintings in person. The show was packed and everyone was stone silent in awe. It is an experience I will never forget.

    Happy to see you finally have a blog of your own!! Welcome to the world of blogging.

  5. Just discovered the birth of your blog . Congratulations. Welcome in the blogosphere.

  6. Oh, welcome indeed!
    Yes - meeting kindred spirits.That's a fine reason to blog away.


  7. Welcome to blogging. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Best of luck with your blog.xx


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