Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gentlewoman, vintage caravans and a Full Scorpio Moon

Hello, I've been blogging on my writing Blog which you can find HERE but have been missing my personal blog lately so here's a post of a few things that have been inspiring me recently.

The Gentlewoman. I do love this magazine for its title and cover and the contents are most interesting as well. Have you seen this one?

Vintage Caravans have been taking up my thoughts. I long to live in the country and write in a beauty like one of these.

My daughter Daisy has also been inspiring me for her computer know-how. I had no idea that at six she is capable of uploading the internet, googling DISNEYLAND and having a good browse around YouTube for videos on Disneyland whilst my back was turned. I, of course am totally pants with technology. The collage above is of Daisy meeting her father for lunch in the city when she went to visit her naturopath last week. Daisy has a gallstone which we are trying to treat naturally as well as medically.

I am loving the cold snap that has hit Sydney and there is a wonderful Full Scorpio Moon on her way.

Have a lovely week and stay creative. xx
green vintage caravan from happylovesrosie
quote from weheartit
pearl lowe's vintage caravan source


  1. The old caravans conjure up images of the Famous Five caravanning through the countryside with those horse drawn vans. I think that would be fantastic :)

  2. I loved...Don't let the past and useless details choke your existence...
    made me smile...ooh, so true!
    Love your blog...I'm a a new follower!

  3. Those caravans look AWE SOME.. AND THEN SOME! I want something smallish to exist in, yet big enough for a Leo Goddess Lion. How inspiring and gorgeous are those vans. Has got me thinking out of the squareish thing. Have a Great Creative Week, see you soon J. Hugs, Nicole

  4. How cool are al those caravans?
    I spy Adele! I love her voice.

    ~ Clare x

  5. Oh what a beautiful post! We have missed seeing you over here in Domestic Blogland. I love love the look of The Gentlewoman. Must investigate. Thanks for the inspiration. jxx

  6. Dear Sleepy Dwarf, you're so right! Vintage caravans do resonate of Blyton which is another reason I love them. xx
    Hello Catherine, thanks for your kind words. I shall be over to visit you soon. xx
    Hello Nicole, look forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy the moon curious kitty. xx
    Hello Clare, this is the first time I have heard of Adele. I am so 70's in my musical taste. I must check her out. I still have to read her article in my magazine. xx
    Jen, what a truly perfect way to describe this Bog. Love Domestic Blogland. I tried to stay away but I just couldn't! xx

  7. Oh my goodness, I love that magazine cover. Please please bring back those days........

  8. It is a stunning cover although as an ex-smoker I hate the cigarette! I think I'd prefer she be holding a quill. xx

  9. Such a lovely dreamy post Josephine, Lovely caravan pictures. I love the interior of the third one. I would love one but cannot get one until all the work in the house and garden have been completed...Could be a while!
    I am so pleased that Daisy is going to have some help with gallstones. It must be a relief for you all.
    That quote is very good! A good reminder for me to do that about certain things...
    Phoebe just saw daisy's photo and said: "Ahhh Daisy is soooo sweeeet" :-)
    Isabelle x

  10. Lovely post! Like the quote at the end! Hope little Daisy will be okay? Hope she isn't in pain or anything? Love the caravans and hope you are all well? I'm so tired today after all this coursework and there is one last lesson to teach tomorrow which I need to pull myself together for to do. Coffee is required me thinks...then I shall maybe have some time to do some proper catching up but the neglected boyfriend also needs me and family etc...ah well! Lovely to 'see' you anyway! xxx

  11. So adorable that Daisy googles Disneyland! Best of luck with her Good luck with her gallstone... She is absolutely gorgeous xxx Going to check out your writing blog now!

  12. the caravan = awesomeness!!! how fabulous.
    Daisy is just so gorgeous....she just gets cuter every time i see her...

  13. Thanks Cat and everyone else. You're all so kind. I miss blogging over here. I'll have to pop in more often. xx



  15. The inside is tastefully decorated and don't look clustered.


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