Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Foxglove Spires for sale!

Regular readers may remember how much I love the book Velvet Pears by Susan Southam. I posted about it HERE. The loveliness of Velvet Pears ensures I can't read too much of it in one sitting as I get so worked up. I feel a kindred spirit toward Susan, the author who transformed a simple weatherboard house into Foxglove Spires. And so I was gob-smacked when I saw Foxglove Spires is for sale. Although there were a couple of tiny hints in Velvet Pears that Susan might sell-up one day and move on, it's always sad to see a house that has been so loved and transformed lose its owners.

I hope somebody beautiful buys it.

Somebody who understands, as Susan did, that you have to be silent and allow the house and garden to dictate its needs to you. Somebody with the poetic vision and romantic heart of Susan Southam.

I'm a lover of bricks and stone but this weatherboard house with its fairy-tale garden would tempt me if I had the cash.

I'm flat-out with researching Australian artists in the 40's for my current book. A joyful research project if there ever was one. Such a fascinating time in Australian art culture with so many wonderful personalities.

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image of Susan hanging washing source
images of foxglove spires source


  1. Oh I saw that house in Country Living I think. How amazing.

  2. what a gloriously beautiful home, the conservatory is divine.
    good luck with the research. j xx

  3. Jane, yes it's been featured in a few magazines and television shows. The book is totally divine.
    Jennifer, thanks again for all the research help. I am loving the books. xx

  4. OMG i want that book...and, um, that house! jx

  5. Hi Josephine
    What an amazing looking book. I thought, I must put that on my Christmas list. Then 2 seconds later I decided I couldn't wait that long so I have just ordered a copy ofthe book. It seem hard to imagine why anyone could part with a place like that after having lovingly worked on it and decorated it! That kitchen and conservatory area, so very beautiful! Maybe she is need of a new project...I too would want to buy it if I had the money. It has suxh a good feel factor to it. Thank you for indroducing me to that book :-)
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  6. This place looks wonderful!

    ~ Clare x

  7. Oh, I wish I was the one who was buying it. I would listen to its needs. I hope that whomever buys it does the same. LOVELY post!xoxo

  8. Belette, perhaps you could buy it as your Australian holiday home? Then of course, I could be the caretaker for you for the rest of the year. I do hope somebody with your soul and vision buys it. xx

  9. Oh that is a shame that she is selling - someone will definitely love it though - she'll need to vet people carefully! I always hear horror stories of people who buy old scottish castles and then turn them retro and rip out all the original features. People like that should not be allowed to get their hands on such places! xxx

  10. Its an enchanting place lucky for someone!!!

  11. We are excited to announce that the purchase of Foxglove Spires has been finalised!
    We will be taking up residence in the old cottage, being immersed in the environment, getting a feel for how to continually expand on the existing beauty of the property and gardens. The essence of the gardens will be maintained ensuring there will always be a mixture of peace & tranquillity, romance, fairy tale like charm & quaint English elegance.
    Our aim is to bring a fresh vibrancy to the property working with the resident business owners (Love at First Bite Cafe; Forget Me Not Gifts; Gramophones ‘N’ Old Stuff; & Tilba Treasures and The Spires Nursery) on ways & ideas to add to the overall experience of Foxglove Spires. We want people to come enjoy, time and time again, the spectacular seasonal transformations and new highlights of the gardens.
    Along with landscape gardening, another of our passions is providing exceptional five star Bed & Breakfast accommodation. In the very near future we will be offering just a small handful of stunning & elegantly designed rooms for those wishing to spend a night or more in the gorgeous surrounds.
    We are extremely pleased to be the new custodians of these beautiful and historic gardens and look forward to the creative process ahead


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