Monday, November 1, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Delvene and Strop

As a little girl growing up in Tasmania, I had two television crushes: Jack Wild who played Jimmy in H.R Pufnstuf - and John Cornell as "Strop". Lordy knows why, when I look back on old clips and photos of him leering away in his swimming cap. I thought he was cute, however, so there you go. And I preferred him to Paul Hogan, the star of the show.

In later years, I came to admire both John Cornell and his wife Delvene Delaney (who had guest roles as a bikini-girl in The Paul Hogan show).

They were the first sea-changers in Byron Bay and so they were ahead of their time. And I always admire people who turn their backs on celebrity to pursue gardening, which is what Delvene did.
I still think both John Cornell and Delvene look beautiful and so I found the October issue of The Australian Women's Weekly inspiring for the article on Delvene, who is now 59. Delvene represents a lot of things I love about the positive aspects of Australian women - their sassiness and a certain take-me-as-I-am attitude. And in my opinion, she's even more beautiful than in her ‘heyday'.
I recently celebrated a birthday and when a friend asked me if I minded ageing, I could only reply I honestly don't. It's far better than the alternative. I'm grateful to be given the chance to age.
Here's a little quote from the article from Delvene;
"True Beauty comes from inside, so I don't mind ageing, not at all. I don't look in the mirror and think, "Oh my God!" l look in the mirror and think, "that's interesting...oh, that's going to start happening now." That's okay - I love me. If you don't like the way I look. Look away.
When I look at my husband for example. I only look into his eyes. He's 70 next year, but he looks great. It was the same with my (late) mother. Did I look at her and see lines and wrinkles? No. I saw beauty. From October issue of Australian Women's Weekly.

Thanks for popping in to visit me. Wishing you a week filled with beauty and wisdom. xx
image source Delvene and John Cornell
image source bikini Delvene
image source Paul Hogan show


  1. I love your TV crushes! Mine were The Professor from Gilligan's Island & Maxwell Smart!

    And i love Delvene's positive attitude.

  2. What a beautiful post! Thanks TP. BTW my weird crush was Micky out of The Monkeys! Perhaps not quite so weird, Greg out The Brady Bunch... jx

  3. It's all coming out now! Greg out of the Brady Bunch! I probably liked him as well come to think of it. xx

  4. My crush is likely the weirdest of all. I had( have) a crush on Haas Cartwright on Bonanza.

    It's funny, I rarely notice my husband's aging. I do notice all of my signs of aging in great detail.

    Lovely post, Josephine.xoxo

  5. belated happy birthday wishes! love your response that aging is better than the alternative!! delvene is so lovely. funny that you liked strop! the character was somewhat unappealing. i used to have a thing for the cisco kid when i was very young i remember.

  6. I wanted to BE Hoppalong-Cassidy! That hat!!
    My best friend and I both had a thing for John Hurt, but I married a man the image of Paul Hogan, It was Richard Chamberlain that did it for me every time. Dr Kildare all over my teenage bedroom walls!


  7. Great post - really uplifting! It is weird...was thinking a bit about ageing recently and how I need to take a bit more care of myself now I get older...but she is right...I shouldn't worry too much...just I don't look after myself too well anyway so probably should but it is all about beauty

  8. I just love the Paul Hogan show and I love the story behind it and everything about it all. Yes, Byron was almost an unknown back then. Now look at it.

  9. Hi Josephine
    Lovely words by Delvene which hopefully will give many encouragement and food for thought.
    I am beginning to feel more comfortable about ageing, I do take care of my appearance but don't let it be the whole focus of my life which I know some women do if they find it hard to accept the ageing process. So many other wonderful things t focus on... :-) xxx

  10. Dear Isabelle, As we can see from your birthday post you have always been beautiful and will always be beautiful. I agree with your comment totally. I can't imagine what it's like for women who have only had their appearance to define their identity when they start to so-called 'lose' their looks. xx
    Simone, it is amazing to see how Byron has developed. I find it a bit sad to see it's original character lost and the stories of the locals fighting the newbies etc. The house prices are through the roof their as well. Although not as bad as Sydney (nothing could be!)
    Curious Cat, from the photo I've seen of you, you're a young, pretty cat so no need to fret. Keep reading those spiritual books! xx
    Jane, I remember on my teenage wall there was The Bay City Rollers. Gosh, even the Bee Gees!
    Belette, I don't notice my husband's ageing but he is younger than I am. Plus, he's a bit like Peter Pan and doesn't seem to age. Not sure if he notices my ageing. I'm sure he would say he didn't!
    Jennifer, the Cisco kid? Wow. Mind you, the Phantom was a bit sexy. xx


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