Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Fab Holiday Books

Yes, I know it's not Friday. It's Saturday here in Sydney and a day that has alternated between sizzling hot to thunderstorms. I'm not a great believer in chronological time and so feel it's okay to post my usual Friday post today.
Apart from glorious nature and cute little cereal boxes; one of the other lovely things I adore about holidays is holiday reading. I put serious thought into my holiday book choices. I have to have more than one book, in fear I'll finish the first choice. The books have to be light but with enough narrative drive to keep me turning the pages. They have to be comfort books.
I got it right for myself this time. The Folio Edition of the complete Miss Marple short stories and a book that has sat on my shelf for ages - Belong to Me by Maria de los Santos. I remember reading about this one years ago. 'Literary chic-lit' they called it. It's a lovely read with really clever characters and a twist I didn't see coming. And The Rebecca Notebook & Other Memories by Daphne du Maurier. One of my old faves.

And Daisy's book choices are also below. They sort of count as my choices as well.

And the magazines I took were also spot-on mag reading for hols. The Australian Women's Weekly had a great article on ageing starring one of my favourites, Delvene Delaney. Plus a feature on the best cheesecakes. Country Style (to dream and sigh over) and Good Reading.

And my Fab Blog pick of the week is for this lovely girl's apartment on Apartment Therapy. I adore her clever use of space in her home and her love of pink and vintage feminine. I also could sigh over her shoe collection all week. You can see her home featured .
And signing off with the wonderful Johnny Depp.

Thanks for visiting me. xx
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  1. I love the BBC Miss Marple shows but I have never read any of her books. I could use some light reading. It may be time to give Miss Marple a try. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.xoxo

  2. Rebecca! I love that novel. I played Mrs De Winter in the play version a couple of years ago.

    Very much over this rainy Sydney weather :-(

    ~ Clare x

  3. we've just finished reading that exact edition of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. i'd never read it as a child, and as an adult found it faintly disturbing. rex seemed to enjoy it and look forward to the next installment. great to see delvene again! she is so beautiful. spring is the rainiest season, but it has fined up now in melbourne again - hope the sun is shining for you too. jx

  4. Hope you have a lovely holiday - sounds like you are well prepared! :) xxx

  5. I adore holiday reading, the first thing I do when I arrive to my holiday destination is go to the newsagent and buy all the magazines I can hold!

  6. I love 'Rebecca', that opening is just SO evocative! Andddddd...'The Wishing Tree' magical!

    Johnny looking gorgeous as ever tho' a little tired about the eyes.


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