Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Misty Blackheath Streets

We are now home from the misty mountains where I travelled for research for 'Currawong House'. The trip was totally blissful. So difficult to return to gritty Sydney after the peace in Blackheath and very pretty Leura.
Bluebells and daffodils were everywhere and Blackheath kindly turned on a wonderful mist for us. Sadly, she kept the snow back until our return much to Daisy's disgust. We ate holiday type food, read holiday books, lazed and shopped in antique shops. I woke predawn everyday to write in my notebook, walk through dew-soaked grass and follow the Currawongs.

Since our return we have had drama emergency rushes to the hospital with Daisy. Our five-year-old daughter has the distinction of being one of the rare children with gallstones. Sunshine is soaking Sydney streets. I love this time of year when the terraces in the old streets seem bathed in light.

The book is forming itself. I feel the story beginning to rise like mist in Blackheath Streets.
Thank you for visiting me. xx


  1. you know, for a moment there i was transported to a beautiful place of tranquility and mist and bluebells. which shows what a great writer you are.
    hope Daisy feeling much better and that you settle into the bustle of the city without too much fuss.

  2. Sounds like a magical trip~! Poor sweet Daisy, hope that she is on the mend~!



    PS having a lil blog giveaway - all welcome to enter :]

  3. oh i hope daisy is doing ok! poor little one, and poor you for having to deal with such a distressing time. so glad your time away was lovely, it looks magical. those little cereal boxes really bring back memories!!

  4. best wishes to little Daisy... and the Blue Mountains are so beautiful. I stayed there with my hubby when we were engaged, and it was magical. I was wondering, at first, if you'd been to Blackheath in London - a very mysterious and lovely place. It's a big heath, a beautiful big square of grassland, underneath which is a large burial ground from the days of the Black Death, so historically it is very evocative. Beautiful houses surround it - including an amazing old rambling mansion which once belonged to musican Jools Holland - and it borders on Greenwich, another gorgeous old villagey part of the city. This would be a very inspiring place to visit for a novel too!

  5. I hope Daisy is well it seems like you have been having a marvellous time and it is nice to hear about it all. Nice to have you back I look forward to further posts from you.

  6. I was all prepared to gush over the gorgeous photos and then I read about the gallstones. I am so sorry. I hope she is feeling much better. Okay, now I am going to those misty fog-filled photos.xoxo

  7. Cat, that is a lovely comment. Thank you for your support and loveliness both here and Facebook.
    Kimmie, I am always up for a giveaway and so I shall do my best to visit today.
    Jennifer, Daisy is back at school today. A bit wan looking but hopefully the pain won't return. Just awful to witness your child in so much pain and also to see all the very, very sick children and babies in both hospitals that we were at. And yes, those little cereal boxes are so sweet, aren't they? To my surprise, Daisy wasn't keen on the coco pops. I'm not a cereal girl myself. My nostalgic motel breakfast is the eggs and skinny sausages brought on a tray. Luxury!
    Liz, thanks so much for your comment. I have not been to London Blackheath but feel from your evocative description that I must or bust. I've been to Highgate which was wonderful but Blackheath London is going on my list of places to visit when next in London.
    Thank you Ralph. It is always a pleasure to see you here. Hope the art is going well.
    Hello Loveliest Belette. Thank you for your kindness and gush. I have been thinking of you lately as I'm buying myself a vintage charm bracelet and I know you collect charms. I must visit you and trawl through your archives. xx

  8. Hi Josephine! So sorry to hear about Daisy, I've heard gallstones are very painful, the poor little thing! :-( Hope she is all better now, and 'yay' for the Blue Mountains! :-) xx Julieanne

  9. OH poor little Daisy! I am so sorry to hear this. I do hope the doctors are handling it well and she is okay? My heart goes out to you all. Apart from that I do love the pics! Mist is just The Best and the mini-cereals. Ha! we always bought them for our boys when we went on hols. They would fight over the Fruit Loops and no-one ever wanted the Just Right! Very good news about your book TP. ;) jxx

  10. Oh dear, poor Daisy! I'm glad she's doing better now and is back to school.

    The misty mountains looked the perfect combination of magical and eerie! I could imagine why lil Daisy wanted snow so badly too, must have been such a sore disappointment!

  11. Hi Josephine, your trip sounds wonderful except for poor Daisy. Oh what a nasty thing, they are so painful I do hope she is recovering well by now.


  12. I love fog! These are lovely pictures.

  13. Oh! You're actually back already...! Hope Daisy is okay and not suffering at all...and lovely photos - I like the mist! Will you use that as inspiration? xxx


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