Monday, October 4, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and The Bromleys

I'm on a research trip to the mountains. I don't have computer access or television there. So there's no distractions. It's bliss to write, dream and feel my characters begin to form. I can sense them gathering together for 'Currawong House'. The strike of matches, a prolonged and piercing scream. The smell of turps. But it's very early days and they're not revealing themselves fully yet. At times, they tease me with little hints that they are forming. I need to go to the mountains to wait - and listen.

On Saturday night I saw - compliments of Daily Imprint BlogSongs for Sylvie at the Seymour Centre.
Torri Dixon-Whittle is one of those people who are so fab and so inspiring, you nearly have to lie down to absorb their fabness. She is the wife/muse of Australian artist David Bromley, whose paintings you can see above. I do love his nostalgic, slightly moody children.
Tori is also an artist - you can find out more about her from this interview at The Daily Imprint Blog, which if you're not following - then JUST DO IT! Nearly every day a lovely inspiring, fab arty person is interviewed by Natalie Walton. She has a varied bunch of totally cool and interesting people from Nikki Gemmell to India Hicks to Clare Press. And she has just started another Blog, Frontliners, which I love (as I'm a long-time Selby fan). Frontliners is a house Blog which features the houses of totally fab and cool-as-cats folk without their homes being too stylized for the shoot.

I can't leave you this week with more inspiration to savour than the Bromleys and Daily Imprint. Have a super fab week and I'll look forward to visiting you all when I return.
Thanks for popping in. xx
david bromley's art source
bromley family photo source
torri dixon-whittle image source


  1. " The strike of matches, a prolonged and piercing scream. The smell of turps." - already I'm drawn in! May the mountains work their wonders.

  2. Okay! Will check out Daily imprint! :) Love how you describe things coming to you little by little - have you seen the talk on by Elizabeth Gilbert? If you haven't, do check it out - very interesting in terms of muses and creativity! xxx

  3. What a lovely place to be in your writing. I love it when characters are just starting to saunter onto the page. Oh, and everyone should have a Bromley! Enjoy the mountains, TP! jx

  4. Hope you're having a lovely laid-back time allowing your muse to take you by the hand through the mountains!

    Thanks for the link to 'Daily Imprint' looks like it'll be interesting, I've bookmarked.

  5. there was a feature in one of the weekend papers on the bromleys' weekender in daylesford. they certainly do have a flair for living and joie de vivre. they tie in with your 40's artist theme too as they live in albert tucker's old house (though i believe it's currently on the market). hope your research trip is fruitful. jx

  6. Seems like you are having a marvellous and inspiring time. Enjoy look forward to hearing more on your return.

  7. I can't wait to hear about your trip and what it inspires in you. Thanks for leaving us lovely links and artwork to enjoy while you are gone. Miss you!! Travel safe!xoxo

  8. Successful researching Josephine and thank you for the links ....I know Natalie's blog but not her new one... xv

  9. Have a wonderful trip to the mountains- I wish I could do the same and get some writing done! Love to you and your family xx

  10. Mountains? Wow... It must be a wonderful place to go to get inspiration!
    And I truly hope that you will get lots and lots of it!
    Love the drawings... they are so cute!


  11. oh everything about your blog is lovely!
    the pictures make me smile!

    happy blogging you!


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