Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Belinda Alexandra and Miss Flower Potts

Belinda Alexandra is a very lovely person and writer. She's also represented by my agent and it was Belinda who first inspired the gratitude cuppa. Every afternoon, I take time out to sit in my garden and sip tea from a lovely tea cup, whilst I give thanks for everything in my life. I've come to really enjoy this ritual, as too often we're running around focused on the seeds rather than the harvest we've already reaped.
Times have changed. Once after signing a book contract I would have celebrated with a tattoo. I have two tattoos; one for my fantasy trilogy and one when my daughter was born. After signing for Poets Cottage and Currawong House last week at my agent's, I found myself not in a gritty tattoo parlour but in T2, which for tea addicts like myself is heaven. I bought Licorice Legs, Just Lavender and Just Rose. The Just Rose is divine. Roses in a cup.
I also bought three new friends to store my teas and Miss Flower Potts.
My normal tea pot is Miss Violet and we have enjoyed many cups together. But I am in love with Miss Flower Potts and her chirpy gypsy company. She reminds me of the folk singer Donovan.
And so with thanks to the lovely Belinda for her gratitude cuppa tip. I now have a new friend to enjoy my ritual with. And it's a far less painless way to celebrate than the tattooist's needle.
Thanks for popping in. xx
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  1. those tea caddies are irresistable! i think they would have come home with me too. such a lovely idea to make a ritual of tea. i love herbal blends too, but was recently bowled over by the finesse of mariage freres marco polo tea. and at the rate you're going, you were in danger of being covered head to toe in tatoos (image if agatha had a tatt for every book!)

  2. Oooh! Rose Tea...Rose!! It sounds wonderful!
    I wonder why your lovely new gypsy pot reminds you of Donovan, maybe it's the 'Mellow-Yellow' ?

    ps Thank you for visiting I soo appreciate your comments, I went onto Amazon to find The Little Stranger. I've not read any Sarah Waters, but it looked so good I bought a copy. :)


  3. A gratitude cuppa...that is a brilliant idea and one that I am going to adopt. I love T2 and make sure when I get home to Sydney that I stock up - last time I was there, I bought the most beautiful cups and saucers and carried them all the way back here! Huge congratulations Josephine on your new book have a very busy time ahead...xv

  4. What a beautiful ritual! Just gorgeous. jx

  5. Love the beautiful tea pots! Enjoy your day, Kellie xx

  6. What a lovely idea, and I absolutely adore your tea pots, they are gorgeous. I am so thrilled for you over your book deals.
    Jo xx

  7. So lovely to be back here( not sure how but I had lost you from my Google reader but you are back on it). Gratitude cuppa! Love it. And I am THRILLED to bits over your new book. Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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