Monday, September 13, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Violet Magazine

I know a lot of Bloggers are mourning the death of Cookie and Domino and yes, I miss those magazines, but I can sleep peacefully over their demise. I'm still lamenting the loss of Violet magazine which was my idea of magazine heaven. The only mag that's come near it is Lula in my opinion. I have every issue of Violet which I pour over every now and again for inspiration. There were only four issues before it went belly-up but those four are equal to a lifetime of lesser publications.
If you missed Violet, it was an American parenting magazine put out by a fab stylist called Keki Mingus( daughter of musician Charles Mingus) who named the magazine after her daughter. It was jam-packed with very chic-boho folk and stunning photo spreads that weren't your average parenting graphics. Violet covered a wide range of topics from art, Montessori schooling, Beatrix Potter, Frida Kahlo and (gasp) fiction. It was funky, fun and visually perfect. It didn't treat you as if you were a beige, boring drone or interested in the latest $3000 stroller or the Wiggles just because you had become a parent.
My two very favourite issues were the Juliette Binoche (Issue 2) where she talked about her children's schooling in Paris. The photographs of la Binoche were amazing: as if shot inside a Parisian fawn-coloured shell. The light was stunning.
I also loved issue 3 featuring the King and Queen of Fab, Kirsty Hume and Donovan Leitch (son of icon Donovan) and their daughter, Violet.
I found the following quote about Violet magazine which may explain why I love it so intensely.
“That Violet has connected with today's parents is no surprise after talking with James Chung, president of Boston-based market research and consulting firm Reach Advisors. In 2004, Chung's firm released From Grunge to Grown Up, an extensive study outlining the parenting habits of Generation X versus their baby boomer predecessors.
Defining Gen X as those born from 1965 to 1979, Chung and his associates discovered parents of the so-called "slacker" generation have, for the most part, moved away from the "keeping up with the Joneses" attitude of the boomers in favour of a less material lifestyle that, in many cases, means being more hands-on with their children, even scaling back careers to spend more time with their families. They're often creative, independent thinkers, not so concerned with having the biggest house or the newest SUV. These traits, however, have also made them a difficult group for marketers and advertisers to get a read on. In fact, some have simply thrown up their hands in defeat, choosing to skip the Gen X gang altogether and go after the boomers' kids who, according to Chung, share their parents' affection for labels, wealth and status.”
And so for inspiration this week, I'm returning to Violet. The older, more settled sister of Lula, who stays true to her boho background as she embraces motherhood. And hats off to independent thinkers and non-materialistic bohos everywhere. I plan on starting a crusade for Keki to bring back Violet. In these days of Blogs like the Selby, I think Violet would thrive.
Enjoy your week. I hope it's filled with chic-boho fun and inspiration and thanks for popping in. xx


  1. Not heard of these magazines - except Lula - will have to look into this...they sound gorgeous and definitely interesting! xxx

  2. Hi from a Gen X:) I'm sorry I missed that magazine it sounds and looks like one I'd have really enjoyed. Really I would have encouraged my sisters to buy and enjoy it, so that I could then have the pleasure of reading their collection...I wouldn't want to break with tradition:)xo

  3. Curious Cat, I know you are a big Lula fan so feel sure you would love Violet.
    Nerines, Gen X's rock. I think you can still buy them on EBay from time to time if you don't mind the postage. xx

  4. Being on the wrong side of the pond and the wrong sex I have heard of none of these mags. What I do know though is how easy it is to rely on certain mags to be around. I am an addictive mag reader. Thank you so much for your continuing good words on my blog.

  5. Never heard of any of those magazines...
    Sadly I don`t think that they were ever avaiable in the U.K!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, regarding my teacups!


  6. what a shame violet is no more! I didn't come across it, living in a bubble as i do, but am sorry now not to have found it. do you think that greater access on the internet to wonderful inspiring blogs has contributed to the demise of mags, or is there just too much choice now? i used to be a vogue girl (uk issue) but my life has moved on to a more violet-like place now (aspirationally speaking of course).

  7. Ralph, it's always a pleasure to visit you. You're a gent.
    Debbie, I still have tea-cup envy. I collect bone china as well and that was a lovely set and price.
    Jennifer, I am also fond of UK Vogue. The style of writing is really strong in that magazine at times. I think magazines must be affected by Blogs but you wouldn't think so to look at the huge piles in my house. I still see you as Vogue and Violet Jennifer. xx


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