Monday, September 27, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and BB, Prince Charles and IKEA

It's Brigitte Bardot's birthday on Tuesday. As regular readers will know, I adore BB and so Happy Birthday to this icon. She just gets better and better with age.
I'm also loving the 2011 IKEA catalogue. When you live in a small brick house, IKEA is a fantasy trip to heaven. Not only do you get to eat meatballs but I love their storage ideas. I can sit for hours pouring over their catalogues. I've been to Sweden once and the Scribe twice It's like a fairyland country to me.
And I'm totally rapt over The Delicious Miss Dahl cooking show which features Sophie's literary references. You have to love a cooking show where the presenter strolls through Highgate Cemetery, old bookshops and talks about the glamour of train stations.
And Prince Charles gets a nod this week for his gorgeous, candid remarks on a recent BBC documentary.
"...he describes speaking to shrubbery as something that keeps him "relatively sane". "I happily talk to the plants and the trees and listen to them. I think it's absolutely crucial, " he is reported to say. Underlining the importance of his garden, he adds. "Everything I've done here, it's almost like your children. Every tree has a meaning for me."
I hope you pop back on Wednesday as I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, Miss Flower Potts.
And thank you so much for all your good wishes over my book deal. I'm still floating. Thank you. You're all wonderful and I appreciate you all. xx
images of Bardot source
image of Prince Charles source


  1. Thumbs up (should that be green thumbs up?) to Prince Charlie. Look fwd to Miss Flower Potts. It has me thinking of Adventure Island!
    BB is divine.
    Thanks for the inspiration. jx

  2. Jen, I worship at the alter of Adventure Island. A dear friend said I reminded her of Lisa but I suspect I am slowly turning into Flowerpots. xx

  3. Love this post, great minds think alike, a lovely virtual visual feast. BB was a striking beauty. Now for Ikea, I need to look at some storage solution thanks, my books, arts supplies are spilling over in a big chaotic mess. Look forward to Miss Flower Potts.


  4. Oh my the new Ikea catalogue! How many of us will be eagerly pouring over it I can't wait to get my copy!
    Happy Birthday this morning to Brigitte.

    It's a great shame that the British press make such rude comments when Prince Charles says he has conversations with his plants, obviously they aren't gardeners and are SO ready to knock anyone with an ounce of sensitivity. Which also applies to darling Sophie Dahl (last week we discovered she's having a baby)there were so many people who said horribly unkind things about her when we first got to see her Cookery show. I for one think she is gorgeous and thoroughly enjoyed it enough to record it and....keep it!

  5. If I could swap my looks and figure with someone elses... would have to be Brigitte Bardot!
    She just keeps getting better with age... unlike moi!LOL
    I too enjoyed Miss Dahl`s cookery show... Although sadly I missed quite a few episodes.
    Thanks for your sweet comment, regarding my treasures!


  6. Prince Charles is right. If he could get gardening into his busy life, then we also have to fit in our very own "me" time into our lives. Enjoy a beautiful day! Kellie xx

  7. Yes I also admire BB and how she has not been afraid to forge her own life path, regardless of public opinion. Prince Charles has led a life very different to most and I admire the fact that he has embraced his (and other's) garden with a passion ~ because lets face it whatever he does or says in life will be savagely scrutinized by the media. Gardens are his little private rooms. Thumbs up from me!!

  8. love those photos of bb, especially the top one. sophie sounds fab too- can't wait to see! and i'm an ikea tragic, so am thrilled to hear the new catalogue is out!

  9. Loved this entry - especially the descriptions of Charles and Sophie...made me smile...want to read your post above but need to dash to catch a train to London...will return soon though! xxx

  10. I love Prince Charles. Such a strange background, and yet so many sensible things to say. Okay maybe not sensible, but interesting. And like so many of us, he got the partner-for-life thing right second time round. And as for BB, those photos make me want more BOHO in my life, man. Is anyone selling BOHO in northern Tasmania? I'll find out.


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