Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Song of the Currawong

Currawongs have taken over our garden. They love the big native tea-trees to sit and sing in their melodious voices. They sound like honey in the morning and evening. We're thinking of re-naming Sparrow Chateau (our writing shed) into Currawong Shed as both the Scribe and I love these birds and their singing so much.
Smuchie, our cat, loves the challenge of working out how to kill them but their beaks keep her at a wary distance.
Magpie season has started in our local park. I admire these fierce birds as they strive to protect their young. I can still remember yelling at some man last Summer for throwing birds at a poor Mother Magpie who wanted only to be left in peace with her babies.
We're so lucky in the inner-city to have the amount of native fauna we do and we never take it for granted. To live amongst planes overhead and heavy traffic is compensated by the kookaburras, bats, lorikeets and our singing currawongs.
In other news, the Scribe has spent the last few days in a hyperbaric chamber at the hospital for his latest diving adventures on the weekend. I am jealous as he comes home looking so youthful and refreshed from all that pure oxygen.
And I'm hard at work on a new writing project which is very exciting and I shall talk about soon.
May the rest of your week be filled with all the beauty of the Currawong's song.
Thank you for visiting me. xx


  1. May yours also be filled not only with the song of the birds but the joy of life. Good Writing to you.

  2. Oh that is lovely. May yours too, though I guess it will be:)xo

  3. Oh, how lovely that you have lil birdies singing to you everyday:)

    Can't wait to hear bout your new writing project!


  4. How lovely to be blessed with so much local wildlife in your garden. I love seeing the wild birds in our garden here in the UK, some of them are becoming a rarity now. Good luck with your writing.
    Jo xx

  5. Oxygen and birdsong: there's a lot to be said for your way of life. Here we have no currawongs and now that we know about them we feel Left Out...

  6. Many good wishes for your new writing project, TP. May the currawongs sing you to success! jx

  7. i can imagine you writing great things in currawong shed to the strains of birdsong! and i think i need some of that oxygen too ... jx

  8. Oh! Hope the hubby is okay...that can't be fun right? Still...if he looks well! :) My mum has a thing about magpies...she isn't superstitious particularly but she always greats them if she sees them without a mate 'Good evening Mr Magpie. How is Mrs Magpie?!' She does it whilst she is driving the car -even if we are mid conversation and she puts on a rather theatrical voice and does it so suddenly it makes me jump often! :) xxx

  9. I have just come back from hamilton island and these beautiful birds were everywhere.




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