Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Spring

We have now entered Spring in Sydney. Our small garden is bursting with buds of Bougainvillea, Geraniums and Lavender flowers. The perfume of Jasmine follows me down the street. Sydneysiders are in that confused mix of clothing where nobody knows quite how to dress for the weather.
I won this basket of Olay goodies from BellaMuma. Thanks Olay and BellaMumma. A beautiful reader of my previous books sent me a wonderful gift I shall treasure always. Another lovely friend presented me with a amazing bouquet of flowers when I went to collect my daughter from school.
I am now working on two books at once.
Something wonderful and shining is approaching me.
I feel lucky. Do you ever feel Something Wonderful This Way Comes?


  1. I agree. Sydney was kind of cool this morning, then warm in the afternoon, but overcast. I was hoping for a gorgeous spring day... Maybe tomorrow!

    ~ Clare x

  2. Many Wonderfuls are coming this way... even though we're entering autumn, which is OK but heralds my most hated season of winter. Shudder...

    So I'm focussing on the Wonderful :D

  3. All the suns are shining on you! I hope your bout of happy luck keeps going, and we'll all stand around and absorb some of the good karma (while eating violet chocolates).

  4. how wonderful! looking forward to hearing more ... wishing you lots of sunshine, blossom and fragrant spring breezes. j x

  5. Yes I know that feeling but it never usually comes to much for me I hope more so for you. Two books at once now that is something how I wish I could manage one.

  6. Loving the optimism! There is a lovely thing coming your way - it is called the summer! We have autumn but that is golden too so I'm happy about that! Thanks for your comment earlier- you are right...on reflection I do think I am a bit wiser...well I hope so...I've learnt some stuff...but it is one of those musings where I wonder if I have know? Where you know the theory but you aren't putting it into practice so well...I tend to make the same mistakes over and over again despite knowing the error. That is something to tackle in itself! Sending you very positive vibes and hope to be back soon! xxx

  7. I shall set some faery dust on the spring winds. coming your way tale peddler! jx

  8. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. Your garden sounds gorgeous, and I love the bouquet of flowers. We are just coming into the start of Autumn here in the UK, not looking forward to the cold, but I love the colours of Autumn and being cosy at home. How wonderful to feel so optimistic about life, it must be in the air at the moment as I feel the same way about positive things happening in my life. Good luck with the books.
    Jo xx

  9. HI Josephine, lucky you entering Spring. Paris is gorgeous but we know Autumn is upon us. Need to enjoy the sun while we can.. Carla x

  10. I will enjoy seing your beautiful garden flowers in the coming months... Specially since mine would have died by then!
    So yours will cheer me up... A LOT!



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