Monday, August 30, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Sharks, Yellow Roses and Sophie Dahl

I spent the weekend working on a crime short story for the annual Sisters In Crime competition. The sunshine was as glorious and light-filled in Sydney as my story was dark.
Here are some lovely things inspiring me as I start my week.
Vintage-style yellow Rose Wallpaper. This lovely paper was recently in the latest Australian Notebook magazine. I do love yellow roses. I've sent for samples of this one (Eglantine) as I'm planning on papering our laundry area and our outside writing shed (Sparrow Chateau). Regular readers will know we've built an outdoor writing shed in our small terrace backyard. Because I've been working on Poets Cottage, I haven't had a lot of time to decorate it. However, we are going to take down our old Hills Hoist line in the next couple of weeks and install an old-fashioned Granny line to open up the space before Sparrow Chateau, so watch this space. I've also ordered the pink and red floral Eglantine for our bedroom. I do love vintage style floral wallpaper. And this one is so beautiful: olde-worlde but with a modern twist and snap.
The Scribe never fails to inspire me. He recently returned from diving with the Great Whites for a story for his magazine. Here is about to enter the shark cage. He went down with the sharks not once but five times and in very choppy conditions as well. He was safe from the sharks (some who he said were bigger than cars). However, a tuna did take a bite out of his finger.
If you care to see a short footage of one of the sharks, it's on his Blog here.
And I can't wait for Sophie Dahl's Cooking show which is coming to Foxtel on September 20th. I think she is the prettiest woman alive, she has the greatest cheekbones. The show sounds wonderful with its literary references and nostalgic blend. I loved her book, Playing With The Grown-Ups.
I hope your week is filled with old worlde glamour, creative and thrilling adventures.
Thank you for visiting me. xx
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  1. Hello from England, how wonderful that you have a Writing shed, and it's soon to be papered with Yellow sunshiny roses!!

    We've already had the Sophie Dahl's Cooking show, I taped it, it's gorgeous!! Although I was seriously dismayed to read in our newspapers and online castigating comments about it, I think she's lovely and the show is sooo romantic! I feel sure you'll LOVE it!


  2. what a glamourous couple you are! writing prize-worthy prose and diving with sharks! great to see you back and sounding so happy and inspired. the roses are lovely and sophie's show sounds fab. jx

  3. Sophie Dahl is pretty gorgeous...I didn't know she had a cookery show on the go...intriguing! And as for sharks bigger than cars...well, I'll have to check that out! I love sharks! And the wallpaper is gorgeous too - you are right about yellow roses...was just reading this and was thinking that it would be cool to have a post from you on how you write- little practices and you begin and the environment you sit in and how you stop yourself from getting writer's block etc...I'm sure you've been asked about this before though...still, I'd love to know! xxx

  4. Hello Jane, I don't know why the critics have been harsh to Sophie in the UK. Every Blogger who has seen the show has been raving about it. And the yellow roses are going to be wonderful in the shed. I promise to post it when I get around to doing it.
    Jennifer, we do seem rather glam on the Blog. Of course I don't tend to Blog us sitting around glued to Mad Men or ironing or all the things we normally do. You always say such lovely comments. Please come again.
    Curious Cat - how could you not know Sophie had a cooking show? I am amazed that a foodie and literary cat like yourself missed it. I will write a post on that topic because you requested it. But I will wait until you return from your Blogging holiday. xx

  5. Oh, I do adore vintage floral wallpapers too but I'm not sure if the fiancee would be too thrilled with that lol! But still, I hope to influence him otherwise:)

    Sophie Dahl is a crush of mine too! And wow, she has a cooking show! That woman is amazing!!


  6. The Scribe has learnt not to argue with pink and florals. He lives with two girlies and he's given up. Sophie is very YOU, Sher. xx

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