Monday, August 2, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Kate Bush The Last Angel

I cannot enter into August without bidding the wonderful Kate Bush a Happy Birthday for July 30. I loved the June issue of UNCUT magazine which payed tribute to Kate's album Hounds of Love and contained quotes from musicians paying homage who had worked with Kate. Fascinating to read behind-the-scenes of her vision and creativity.
Here' a quote from the mag about Hounds of Love: “The album distils many of Bush's recurring obsessions; water, witchcraft, death, the power of the senses”.
There will only be one Kate. She is the original and the pure. All the others are the imitators and don't hold my interest for very long, no matter how talented they may be.
And here's a quote from UNCUT from Lee Scratch Perry: "The music industry is full of devils. But Kate Bush is the only angel left. Music must have a pure heart. It must have madness. It must have genius. That is why I love Kate Bush.”
That's also why I love Kate Bush. She is the last angel.
In Australia we have just passed Imbolc/Candlemas and we are turning towards the light. Spring is coming after a long and harsh winter. Kate Bush and I also share a love of washing and washing lines and so I've posted a picture of a lovely washing line above to herald Imbolc. The light is coming!
You're here in my headLike the sun coming out -Ooh. I just know that something good is going to happenAnd I don't know whenBut just saying it could even make it happen. Kate Bush - Cloudbusting.
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  1. One of my dream people loved her words love her inspiration and I maybe even loved her.

  2. These days, everyone gets a chance to make music, and no one really stands out, but back in the seventies and eighties, you knew who was making music and who was a star, and Kate Bush was one of them! xx

  3. Kate Bush – check. Observing the sabbats – check. Enid Blyton – check. Johnny Depp – check. Op shops – check. I could go on and on - just found your blog and it’s spookily up my alley. I’m pleased.

    Kate is just unique, isn't she? (Despite the best efforts of a few pale imitators here and there). I'll never forget seeing her for the first in the Wuthering Heights clip and being mesmerised.

  4. Kate bush is really truly brilliant and beautiful!! Love the wuthering hights clip too. Mesmerising describes it so well. I guess there is little wonder that she speaks in interviews with such grace:)Thanks Josephine. xo

  5. i've always admired kate's originality and loved her music, but not read much about her. really interesting to hear those quotes - yes it is the purity, the madness and the genius that sets her above and apart. she looks like she could be your older sister, actually, you share similar colouring and cheekbones! love the clothesline image! i have a thing about washing lines too - do you remember the washing lines in the cocteau film la belle et la bete? beautiful!

  6. Ralph, no past tense for me. I still love her!
    Wendy, I'm in a total time warp when it comes to music. I have no idea of who modern day music artists are. Give me Sinatra, Abba, Dragon, Bay City Rollers. Okay, I'll stop there.
    Janiece, tried to find your Blog but you are private so I couldn't visit. I too remember when Kate first came bursting through the screen on Sunday night Countdown. My entire family sat enthralled. The voice, the eyes. She was electric. So talented even when she was so young. Nerines, the wonderful thing is she is still as great as she has aged. Her last double album was just brilliant.
    Jennifer, my darling you are always welcome at Tale Peddler when you say such lovely things. I do have a friend in the UK who does look a lot like her. Do you have a washing line? I have an old hills hoist which I'm going to take down and make myself a washing line. I do remember a scene with a washing line in la belle et la bete. I have to dig that movie out for Daisy. She won't get the subtitles of course but she'll love the visuals. She is in a big Princess and Abba stage at the moment. xx

  7. The more I read about Kate Bush, the more I like her...Her obsessions are quite close to mine...maybe following them is the best way to be creative! xxx

  8. I spilt earl grey on kate bush and grace jones. by the time i found them they were covered in gunge. (cds never do well in the car). i washed them in warm soapy water and it worked! kate bush is so talented she takes my breath away. the celtic influences, the literary influences, her work in so ethereal. she's angelic for sure. take your shoes off and throw them in the lake...

  9. Beautiful post about an amazing artist! Kate inspired me as an 8 yr old and she s till inspires me 33 hrs later. You are so right, there will never be anyone like Kate, she is indeed a unique talented angel!@

  10. Cloudbusting is the song I always associate with her as well. Yes, Kate Bush is like Bjork but without trying too hard and without the self-consciousness; you could imagine her setting up a plant stall in the village hall while hatching some wondrous music that had a beguilingly small link to reality. I'm glad to be reminded.

  11. Enjoy the impending Spring Josephine and thank you so much for your lovely comments. The baby is doing well- she is so wonderful- having a daughter is the best thing in the world! Hope your family is well xxx

  12. Love love love Kate Bush. Been playing Hounds of Love constantly for months lately, and need to hunt out the rest of her back catalogue. She inspired me to read Wuthering Heights when I was 11, and I shall be forever grateful. I interviewed Bjork once at length and I have to say there is nothing self conscious or trying-too-hard about her - she really is just like that. Another angel! Here's to them both....

  13. Curious Cat ,that explains why we like each other so much too! Jen, I have quite a few Kate Bush old records here. I miss records so much. All the lovely artwork. CDs are pants in comparison and the sound quality isn't anywhere near the old vinyl.
    Thank you, Cloudbusting for all the kind words. Other artists come and go but Kate remains. She really is a true legend.
    Love that comment about Kate, Mise. You're always so eloquent. Yes, a perfect description of Kate.
    Jennifer, we are truly blessed. Having Daisy made my life flash from Kansas to Oz beauty in a breath. No matter how vexing it can be at times they fill you with joy. I love Kate Bush's song to her son on Aerial when she sings 'you bring me joy. And then you bring me more joy' Or something similar. She always manages to describe these states perfectly.
    Liz, I have to dig out Hounds of Love and she was also an inspiration for me to read Wuthering Heights as well. Those moors and that red dress and her eyes...
    How wonderful you got to interview Bjork. I'm hopeless with all the modern day musos. I really am a bit of a sad-sack for the 70s and 80s. And even further back. You'll always find The Kinks or Sinatra or Abba here. I do have a few Mediaeval Babes CDs and I also like Nick Cave so I'm a little bit better than I'm painting myself. Cin, cin to Bjork and Kate! xx


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