Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Fab Fairytales and Minnie

All week I've been excited and happy about my agent liking my Poets Cottage MS and setting the ball rolling quickly as she has done. The dreary grey skies over Sydney have been replaced by patches of sunshine. My daughter is well enough to return to school.
I read a book filled with patches of blue, yellow and exotic colour recently for my bookclub (The Magic Hat Bookclub). If you like Mexican art, Frida Kahlo, and words that shake and shimmer with poetry and sly flashes of mysterious beauty then I highly recommend it. Funnily enough I was the only one of the Magic Hatters who loved it to bits. It's a terrific read and the main character, Harrison Shepherd, is a guy I really loved and related to. Reviewers disliked him for his self-effacing, introverted writerly ways but I loved and got him totally. And so The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver is my fab book choice for this week.
My fab and favourite Blog posts of the week – again, far too many to pick easily but I did love two fairytale cottages that went around the Blogs.
The very stylish Marie Nichols, a talented stylist from the UK currently residing in Sydney, featured this beautiful fairytale cottage on her Blog wholelottalovely. To me it looks like Rachel Ashwell and Princess Aurora are sharing the space.
The other house is my daughter's favourite and I have to admit, I love it too. It looks as if it was designed by my daughter as she is mad for pink, purple and lovehearts - Minnie Mouse's Disneyland House from the Blog Hooked on Houses.
Do you like them? Which one would you pick? Are you a Princess Aurora or Minnie Mouse? I think it's too hard for me to decide as I’m a bit of both.
And to complete the fairytale sign-off here's Johnny looking at some part of Edward Scissorhands. I do love a man in braces.
Enjoy your weekend. Hope it is filled with fairytale loveliness. Thanks for visiting me. xx barbara kingsolver image source

johnny depp source


  1. I was like, oh my that Mr. Depp?!?! :) Ohhh lalala And hey, I would sure love to move into that cozy little place at the top of your post.

  2. Another great blog full of so many happy and positive thoughts I so love visiting here.

  3. glad daisy is feeling better. yes, it really does feel like spring is coming. blossom is appearing already here. although minnie's house does appeal, i think i would have to go for the calming, magical white cottage. i would love it to be my bolt hole where i could knit and sleep and eat dainty cakes.

  4. Braces are definately a good look! The pink and purple house is adorable. No wonder Minnie is always so upbeat. Great to hear your daughter feeling well again and that your agent has been so good.
    We've had some lovely blue skies here but it's just a trick because it's actually so very cold outside! Hope you're having a great weekend! xo

  5. Hi lovely

    I know that you are a lover of vintage so please come join in the fun ...




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