Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and A Cup of Sunshine

The light was so beautiful in Sydney over the weekend. Cups of sunshine sprinkling the inner-city. We played family board games, op-shopped and fed wild pigeons. I watched the new Miss Marple and we fell asleep through Prime Suspect. I met my women's spiritual group. We baked chicken, apple crumble, went to swimming lessons and looked for pixies in parks. It was a weekend of little happenings but perfect. Midweek it is raining again which is my favourite weather. I am working on my crime short story which has to be my lightest one yet. The sunshine on the weekend must still be with me. All week I am humming a little tune and feeling happy inside. The Scribe is leaving next week on a work trip to look for sharks. I shall miss him. I plan to throw myself into my new book so I don't notice his absence. And I have been watching a lot of Charlie and Lola. xx


  1. I always enjoy a cup or two or three of sunshine when I am able to visit you here, Josephine! You have many lovely things happening with your book and life.

    Lovely to see you again~ xxoo

  2. Hello Kimmie, it was magical for all of it's smallness. I loved it.
    Calli, it is good to see you. I shall visit your world very soon. xx

  3. yes, the simple, small pleasures are the sweetest. it's lovely to recognise and enjoy them as you have here. and what's this!? a new book! sounds very intriguing. wishing you smooth sailing as you embark on this new project.

  4. Ahh your weekend sounds perfect! I wish I had a sunshiny weekend like yours, maybe this coming one:)

  5. Ah you sound so happy! Life is good eh? xxx

  6. Sounds like a whole lot of wonderful fun. I'm glad you're getting some great writing time in too. Beautiful photo's:) xo

  7. Oh, sounds lovely!
    And Charlie and Lola are just wonderful :')

  8. Oh your last photograph is just gorgeous! The sunshine behind and her arms out...I bet she was about to 'twirl'!!

    Hey...I can hear you singing from over here. It's a lovely happy sound! ;)


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