Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and The Wish Box

This has been a shaggy, dreary and harsh winter. We've all been sick in our inner-city abode constantly: the Scribe since March when our dog died (although we think his health may be related to a dive he did), and Daisy hasn't been at school for over a week so we get to play together at home.
Here is a Magic Wishing Box she made where she placed all her wants and wishes into it. (Many more wishes than I photographed here). Her wishes are always for very cute things such as bunny rabbits, eleven sisters and a Prince to kiss her and take her to a castle.
I have some good news. My agent has read Poets Cottage and is happy with it. Now she's going to start offering it to publishers.
My Wishing Box is blowing a trumpet, dancing on spindly glittery legs. Unlike my daughter, I only have a few wishes inside my box.
I do feel as if something good is going to happen.
Sniffs and Coughs from Brick Hospital. Thanks for visiting me. xx


  1. Sorry to hear you guys are still sick Josie! Congrats on Poets' Cottage though! Hope you feel better soon :-) xox Julieanne

  2. i wish that you'll all feel better soon.
    i wish that poet's cottage gets published soon.
    i wish that most of daisy's wishes come true.
    (though i'm not sure that i wish 11 sisters for daisy upon you)

  3. And thinking about it will make it happen...(I'm with you and Kate there)
    That's terrific news! :) xo

  4. Congratulations on Poet's Cottage & having such a sweet, imaginative, fairy tale daughter

  5. Aww, your lil daisy is always the cutest!

    And I hope and wish that your wish come true!! It's really wonderful news:)

    Thanks for sharing the lovely link with me, I will need lots of wedding inspirations to get me by this one year!

  6. I like this post...a wish box sounds wonderful and I am so glad your agent likes the book - let us know when it finally makes Amazon - if you have that in oz? I might think of some wishes I want! And thanks for all your lovely messages recently PS Hope you feel well soon xxx

  7. Okay, that is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing and I hope the sickness is gone soon!


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