Monday, August 9, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Mirka Mora's Beauty Tips

Mirka Mora, keeper of the snails, acclaimed artist and boho Melbourne legend is one of my favourite ever inspirations. At art school, my lecturers compared my work to hers (purely for their bright colours and whimsical subject matter - not in terms of genius, I hastily add). I chose to paint with words upon leaving art school, whereas Mirka is an artist through and through.
I have a vintage book on beauty called Australian Women: Successful Lives by Fiona Holt and Maurice Rinaldi. Mirka is one of the featured woman and her beauty tip is
"If my skin is still very young its because I still play with my dolls and suck my thumb before I go to sleep. I wear little girl's shoes and I still play with my dolls and teddy bear. I think you have to know your brain but you have to fool it too."
It must work as Mirka has the most beautiful, glowing skin. Some schoolgirls interviewed Mirka at her cluttered tiny house. It's worth a read as she talks about her pet snail and love of dollshouses. You can find their account of their meeting HERE.
If I was able to buy an original artwork, Mirka's would be my choice. Inside her chest in place of a heart, I think there's a little angel. Melbourne is fortunate to have her.
I always feel more comforted that souls like Mirka are on the planet at this time and so hail Mirka Mora on this sunny Monday morning! xx

"When all is said and done, people are the best thing in the world," Mirka Mora

images of mirka's paintings source

young mirka image source

older mirka image source


  1. it was lovely to hear from you Josephine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mirka and her work. Have you read Wicked But Virtuous? Her absolutely amazing story. I read it about 5 years ago now and couldn't put it down. It's her story about growing up, escaping the Nazis and moving to Melbourne. In fact I think I will have to read it again!! xx

  2. she's amazing...i read her autobiography not that long ago...she's so Wow!
    i used to work in the same suburb that she lives in and i always hoped i'd see her out and about (people always did)...but i never did :-(
    heart Mirka of the great beauties of our time and one of the very very few true individuals....

  3. mirka is fab, and more than a little bit naughty! through my work i've actually met her briefly a couple of times and she was very sweet and unpretentious, with infectious enthusiuasm. she certainly shook melbourne up in the 50's!

  4. I watched something about her yonks ago and can remember feeling very inspired. I think I'll have to read autobiography. Thanks Josephine. xo:)


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