Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Allison Dubois Talk to Me

Recently I went with a friend to see Allison Dubois (world-famous medium who inspired the hit TV show Medium) work her craft in front of a Sydney audience. We were VIP members which meant we got to meet Allison first, have a chat and she signed our books. We also chatted with other VIP members of the audience which was a hoot.

My friend and I were lucky enough to sit next to quite well-known Australian psychic, who went straight into an impromptu channelling session for both of us, pulling out a pack of Tarot cards shortly after we introduced ourselves. This psychic was a total character. Larger than life and very entertaining. (I was very happy with hearing a large sum of money was on its way as you can imagine.)

Then Allison Dubois entered and the mood swiftly changed.

She introduced herself in a very Sassy, way with 'don't ask, if you don't want to know because I'm good.'

My hand was in the air instantly. I wanted to know the works. Were my books going to sell well? How about the health problems of my father? Our house, were we going to move to the house of my dreams?
You know. All the questions you want reassurance to and would love to have answered.
Then Allison began asking who was present for murder or suicide and my hand started to sink back.
I shortly realised that out of nearly 200 people, some who had children die, some who came seeking answers to why loved partners killed themselves, some who wanted to contact deceased fathers. My questions on my book weren't going to cut the mustard.

There was an enormous need in the room and I can only say Allison did her best as a tiny-sized woman to fill it.

She sat with a pencil in one hand, a slight look of concentration on her face as a person (picked from the audience by her husband Joe) asked their question. Then Allison would contact the dead.

In the audience, we were left gasping and clapping many times at the accuracy of what Allison was getting through for people. Sometimes it was words that the dead person used to always say: 'You are my princess. You'll always be my princess.'

Sometimes it was definite instructions: ' you can stop wearing my shoes now’ to a young boy who had come about his father's suicide and was wearing his boots.

She replied to questions on whether a death had been suicide or murder and also the one murder case channelled a new possible lead for the person who had come seeking closure.

In the audience, we wept many times watching the living reach out to their dead. Yet there was also a mood of celebration as if there were spirits around overjoyed to have found a way to communicate.

The overwhelming theme of the night was Fathers. There were many daughters who had come seeking a message from their father. They were very poignant channelings. Allison herself has lost her father which she writes of so movingly in her books.

Yes, I'm a believer. I don't know exactly who Allison Dubois is talking to but I do know that she is receiving accurate information from somewhere.

It would be wonderful to think that the dead still have an interest in us and are around in us some form, although I don't know if it's quite the form that people think of.

Allison claims after death you revert to the person you were happiest as, and so people often present to her with perfect teeth and at an age they felt happy. Suicides revert to childhood a lot, which is interesting.

I've already spoken to my parents about getting a message through to me when Allison returns, if they happen to depart into the spirit worlds in the meantime.

And Allison is a very spunky, totally sparkly lady. The sort of person you feel you would like to go for a drink with and hang out for awhile. She wears killer shoes and seems to be a no-nonsense sort of person.

I liked her a lot. I was just a teensy bit nervous meeting her because I've heard she can see if you are about to die or have serious health problems. She didn't seem to react when I met her. Except she laughed a bit. I don't like to think too much on that one...

You can read more about the lovely, Ms Dubois here and her books are highly recommended.
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  1. Hi Josephine,
    I had no idea Medium, the TV series, was inspired by a real Allison Dubois! Thanks for educating me a little further here. It's always refreshing to read about these things, as often people like to downplay mediums (let's face it there are quite a numerous amount of chancers out there to give them this opinion). I do believe as well, I especially like Char as well, she hosted quite a few live shows in Holland over the past few years. I'm sure Allison giggled when she met you because she sees your childlike nature coming through; dreamy, imaginative and curiously playful. :)
    Have a lovely festive season!

  2. sounds fascinating, but heartbreaking too. how wonderful that allison can bring comfort to people in such grief. funny that she laughed when she met you! you'll need to be on the lookout for embarrassing situations!

  3. You are Blessed Josephine!! You have the most amazing, exciting life, I`m so jealous!!! LOL @ "Except she laughed a bit. I don't like to think too much on that one..."
    You`re great! xx

  4. So interesting Josephine! You know, it's funny, I thought about 'asking' Dad to 'come back and visit me' when his time came, then I got to thinking that I didn't want him to feel 'obliged' (as he was always very 'funny' about that sort of stuff, afterlife etc. Devout Catholic but not comfy with the spirit world etc)

    Anyway as it happens, and as I've explained to you in e-mails, I still get a lot of visits from him, starting half an hour before he passed when my cat started doing what can only be described as giving us the message that he was about to pass. Then, as per the picture I showed you of my wedding, I got the rainbow on my wedding day, we've had a lot of rainbows from him in fact, starting well in advance of the wedding, once when we visited his grave with my girlfriend about a week after his passing, and then a couple of months ago I had one when I got off the train where he used to pick me up, and it was accompanied by the strongest smell of fish and chips (his favourite dinner) which I thought was coming from the nearby shop, except as I walked past I discovered it was long since closed!!!

    They are definitely still with us and I find this very comforting :-) xoxo

    Luv Julieanne :-)

  5. ooo all this sounds really interesting! I like her ideas about life after is rather sweet and definitely comforting. I'd love to go to something like this just out of interest...not sure if I am a believer but would certainly be


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