Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Lady on a Train for Christmas Telly

Lady on a Train is a great 1940s movie that I highly recommend for Christmas. It's a mystery which stars the wonderfully perky Deanna Durbin, lover of detective novels and witness to a murder whilst on a train. Yes, shades of Agatha Christie here but a lighter romp than anything the Duchess of Crime came up with.

It's a lot of good fun and is set in New York at Christmas time, making it an ideal Christmas flick.

The movie had the potential to be a lot darker in a Daphne du Maurier or film noir way but it plays it safe with a good frolic. But still, totally fab viewing and Deanna wears some out-there hats throughout.

Deanna also performs a beautiful version of Silent Night which, as Bill Collins said, is well worth watching this great old classic for.

However, Mr Collins failed to mention in his introduction on Foxtel that one of the stars, David Bruce, bears an almost uncanny resemblance to JOHNNY DEPP. And he plays his character like an early Ed Wood. Bruce plays Wayne Morgan, the very likeable and slightly bumbling mystery writer who Deanna's character, Nicki, enlists to help her solve the murder.

 I'd love to see a remake of this one starring Johnny Depp as Wayne Morgan. And so in place of my usual Johnny Depp image today, I shall leave you with a photo of his early doppelganger (see below).

Enjoy your weekend as we head towards the Summer Solstice and Christmas. xx
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  1. that sounds perfect! mystery, noir, 40's hair and costumes and christmas too. will have to look out for it. i used to love bill collin's midday movies, he is so passionate about these old movies, which can only be a good thing. hope the weekend and coming week are as relaxed and jolly as possible for you. jx

  2. Ooh thanks, TP! I shall definitely be checking these out. HImself and I went to an advance screening of The King's Speech last night. It is so wonderful. The cinema audience actually clapped at the end! Helena BC is super as the queen mum! xx

  3. Will have to check that out. What a great era for hair!

  4. Sounds like one to watch! I really need to watch more old films really. Saw The Misfits on my plane flight home with Marilyn Munroe and that was a pretty interesting film...just reminded me of how little I do watch. And I'd love to watch more of Marilyn...she is


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