Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabbo Friday a Fab Flick and Farewell for now. xx

I'm going away for a couple of weeks on a research trip to Tasmania. Whilst away I will only be blogging at my writing blog HERE in case you miss me.
In the meantime, I shall leave you with the wonderful Johnny Depp and the movie The Tourist which I saw yesterday whilst the Scribe took our daughter to Tangled.
Despite a ludicrous plot it's still worth the ticket as I love the retro-slightly Polaroid look. It took me back to Venice, one of my favourite places. In a recent interview Johnny Depp talked about how he would walk the streets of Venice late at night and the ghosts would come out for him then. Venice is a city of ghosts and dreams.
I shall never forget my holiday with the Scribe there and how we had a 'room with a view' as we were staying during the time of the floods and the hotel kindly upgraded us. If you haven't visited this dream of a city, I urge you to go. And in the meantime you can feast on both Depp and Venice in The Tourist. 
johnny in boat image source  
scene from the tourist image source


  1. Did you see Johnny Depp on the People's Choice Awards receiving his award for Best Actor? Standing ovation! He deserved it. He was so sweet. I like the look of The Tourist. Dreamy.

    Have a good writing holiday!xx

  2. Tasmania, you lucky thing. Have a great time.

  3. Hey there Josephine~ Wow, off to Tasmania. That's sounds ultra exciting. Wish you a great trip and it was nice to touch base. I have been away for months but to come back to this post with Johnny Depp, well, I am a happy girl!

    Be well...
    ~Calli xxoo

  4. Have an enjoyable trip to Tasmania, and a successful research!

  5. Tassie at this time of year offers such a gentle respite. All best TP xx

  6. venice is magical, i really want to see that film too. have a fruitful and enjoyable time in tassie! jx

  7. I would love to visit Venice! day perhaps..then the ghosts will whisper to me too. I really want to see this film just because Mr Depp is in it of course! And also because of enchanting, beautiful, mystical Venice!!

    Hope your trip to Tasmania is fulfilling, cor! How brilliant...TASMANIA!!!


  8. I hope you and Johnny Depp have a wonderful time in Tasmania.;-) And of course I will miss you...and of course I will stop by your other blog. xoxo

  9. How I wish I could do some research anywhere other than where I am . Have a great time and I look forward to more from you

  10. Thanks for the reminder of how magical Venice is!
    Oh, and Angilina was beautiful as well as Johnny! Can you imagine bumping into him wandering the mazes of Venice after dark?
    My husband and I ran into Kevin Costner in the Czech Republic one afternoon with his entourage... Luckily we had met his best friend and in chatting, he then took us to 'meet a friend of his...' out stepped Kevin!!! We were introduced and shook hands.
    Unfortunately, the story ends there. The friend stayed and continued the visit with us for a few minutes more and sadly, we were not invited to join them.
    We were amazed at this happening and no one else was there, just Kevin, us and his friends!

  11. Happy New Year darling and I hope you have a wonderful holiday xx


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