Monday, January 31, 2011

Magnificent, Marvellous, MIghty Monday and The Actress

Jacki Weaver has always been one of my favourite Australian actresses. I've seen her quite a few times on stage over the years - always charismatic, likeable and watchable. Animal Kingdom isn't my favourite Australian movie by a long shot, but Jacki is totally deserving of her nomination in this year's Academy Awards.

I admire Jacki for her resilience in Australia's dismal film and television industry. And I always love to see a woman in her sixties (who always seems eternally ageless because of her spirit) have her first real big break.

And on the topic of inspiring actresses, I am also in love with this image of Sandra Bullock (another very charismatic personality on screen) at the recent Golden Globes. She looks so cute with her fringe but that Jenny Packham dress is a dream. I'm smitten by the beautiful vintage pink shade. It looks as if little fairies sat up all night to stitch it.

Thanks to the Sassy Clare Press where I first spotted this image.

Have an inspiring week. xx

'You don't last in this industry for 48 years unless you quietly know your own worth. And unless you are determined to make sure it's seen.'

David Williamson on Jacki.
jacki weaver in 70's image source
jacki in animal kingdom image source
jacki in red image source


  1. jacki was such a prevalent figure in australian film in the 70's and 80's. so great that she is receiving some international attention. she has such integrity. jxx

  2. I haven't seen this film yet but I adore Jacki too! I recently saw her in Uncle Vanya for STC playing Old Nanny. She was so adorable I just loved her.

    ~ Clare x

  3. Hey! Lovely to hear from you! Was missing you! :) xxx

  4. This acknowledgement of Jacki Weaver has made me want to go and hire all of her film work! I am a fan of Sandra Bullock also. :)


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