Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 1900

On the 14th February in the year 1900, a group of schoolgirls set out for their annual Valentine's Day Picnic. Some were never to return...
What was the secret of Hanging Rock?

Every Valentine's Day I'm reminded of my favourite Australian movie, Picnic At Hanging Rock, which is based on the book of the same name by Joan Lindsay.

When I first saw this haunting, eerie movie in the 70s, I was terrified. After many repeat viewings, it still creeps me out. I'll do a longer post about this one day as it's such a fascinating film and I also love Elvira Madigan which Picnic was heavily influenced by.

Elvira Madigan

Picnic At Hanging Rock is my bookclub (Magic Hat Bookclub) pick this month. Joan Lindsay is a fascinating character and so I'm looking forward to this discussion.

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But the Peter Weir movie will be forever associated in my mind with the 14th February. On this day every year, I see white dresses, corsets, elaborate cards, birds soaring in a brilliant blue sky, parasols, the menacing rock and the enigmatic Miranda.

A little bit of Rock trivia: Joan Lindsay married her husband on St Valentine's Day. The day always had a special significance for her which is why she set her novel on the 14th February.
Enjoy the day and night dedicated to love.


  1. Looks pretty intriguing! Is it an australian movie? xxx

  2. Oh! Picnic at Hanging Rock is one of my faves as well. So eerie yet so beautiful to watch too.

    ~ Clare x

  3. I had completely forgotten Picnic was set on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the reminder TP. It is a beautiful film and if I recall correctly, when it first came out all the girls I went to school with wanted to name their daughters Miranda! Of course, the score is unforgettable too. Someone only had to hum the first notes and we would break into a fit of nervous giggles! jxx

  4. i love that book and film too! so atmospheric. Wasn't there another piece of writing about this mystery by joan lindsay that was released after her death? i never really caught up with what it was about. once when i was at hanging rock, my watch stopped! it certainly is an unsettling place.

    hope daisy is better and you are getting ample time for work and play. jx

  5. Oh, I need to locate this film. Thanks for the introduction, Josephine.

    And, happy belated Valentine's day...Hope your day was filled with LOVE.


  6. I have never even heard of this, I will take a look.

    Ellie Rose.

    PS, thankyou for following me xx

  7. The trqiler makes it very exciting.
    Must get hold of this movie. (love period fims)

  8. I must watch this again Josephine....Of course I remember this film but had momentarily forgotten that it takes place on Valentine's Day...Thank you for the reminder...Picnic at Hanging Rock was such a part of my growing up...xv

  9. The first time I saw the film I was practically hypnotized. It's an amazing work of art.

    Now I have to look into Elvira Madigan.

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for following my blog, The Dreamy Tree; how did you find it?


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