Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow Me to Queen of Preens and Autumn Fires


Have you missed me? I've found it difficult to get around the blogs lately due to my edit deadline but if you have missed me - follow me HERE I've been busy editing but still found time to blog about recent family holidays, preening Queens, writing, award ceremonies, and of course Johnny Depp. My edit is coming along nicely and nearing the end but if you want to find me at the moment, I'm in the world of my writing blog. I do miss my pink blog but it's easier for me to blog on my writing blog as I'm editing. Hope to see you there. xx


  1. Yes! I have missed you! I suspected you were editing your big ms. and now i know to check the 'other blog' when i start thinking 'where oh where is TP?' All best with these 'final' stages, dear girl. xx PS Helena is gorgeous and her detemination to wear a 'costume' was brave and poignant. the perfect statement.

  2. Hey! Will pop over and take a look shortly! Missed you too! As for your question about Mr Woo - yeah I realised with such a name that might be the case...couldn't be further from it though! He's strawberry blonde/ginger with kind eyes but killer stubble. xxx

  3. I love Florence! Saw her live last year... wonderful!

    ~ Clare x

  4. Cool; I had not idea Cassandra was talking about my blog on Facebook!
    Thanks for following! ( :

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