Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gentlewoman, vintage caravans and a Full Scorpio Moon

Hello, I've been blogging on my writing Blog which you can find HERE but have been missing my personal blog lately so here's a post of a few things that have been inspiring me recently.

The Gentlewoman. I do love this magazine for its title and cover and the contents are most interesting as well. Have you seen this one?

Vintage Caravans have been taking up my thoughts. I long to live in the country and write in a beauty like one of these.

My daughter Daisy has also been inspiring me for her computer know-how. I had no idea that at six she is capable of uploading the internet, googling DISNEYLAND and having a good browse around YouTube for videos on Disneyland whilst my back was turned. I, of course am totally pants with technology. The collage above is of Daisy meeting her father for lunch in the city when she went to visit her naturopath last week. Daisy has a gallstone which we are trying to treat naturally as well as medically.

I am loving the cold snap that has hit Sydney and there is a wonderful Full Scorpio Moon on her way.

Have a lovely week and stay creative. xx
green vintage caravan from happylovesrosie
quote from weheartit
pearl lowe's vintage caravan source

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Nigella Effect

Hello, I posted this on my writing blog HERE along with my daughter's Princes and Pirate party but thought I would also post Nigella here.

Yesterday I took an impulsive break from my edit and attended the very packed Nigella Lawson book signing at David Jones.

When I say 'impulsive' I mean very last-minute decision to go. I literally shut the laptop and ran for the train wearing my comfortable writing clothes (read 'scruffy'). I arrived at David Jones just as the signing was starting and thought I had found the end of the queue until the frazzled-looking security guard kindly showed me the end of the queue was way, way, way, way, way back snaking around the shopfloor.

Ever the optimist, I jumped right on the end and began making new friends as we waited patiently in line for the domestic goddess herself.

It was a lot of fun to observe normally too-cool-for-school Sydneysiders going slightly crazy over Nigella. She is obviously well-loved in Sydney.

In our house alone, David loves her, as does my Daisy and I have all her cookbooks. Well, I have now that I bought Express yesterday. My middle-sister who has been going blind for years is also potty over Nigella and has been following her movements from her country house in Tasmania since she arrived. I think she admires her for her tenacity in tough times as well as her domestic artistry when it comes to the kitchen.

Amongst the madness and fun, the ever-game and smiling piano player played on in David Jones You can see a better post HERE where more shots were taken including of the smiley piano man .

A sales consultant had fainted. Whether from the excitement of Nigella or from the crowd, I'm not sure.

All good things come to those who wait. It was my turn to meet Nigella when the woman in charge realised I didn't have my book purchased for her to sign. Total chaos! I quickly had to buy one from a valiant sales consultant.

And in the above image you see Nigella smiling at a scruffy looking writer as I threw myself at her like an excited puppy-dog. Note that big smile even though she has been smiling and signing for close to an hour by this stage.

And for those who are curious of what she was really like, I can divulge she has beautiful, pale skin, intelligent, kind eyes, and a very down-to-earth and warm persona. I was thrilled. Too often, I've met famous people who disappoint in real life but Nigella is the genuine article. She may adopt a character for the screen but her charm was sparkling through as she interacted with the people who had queued patiently to have their moment with her.

As I left the store, I was intrigued to see the staff member still lying on the floor nearly an hour later obviously waiting for the ambulance. Hopefully that woman is okay.

I remember when I saw Jerry Hall in the street once. I do love the very Sassy Jerry Hall and I was so impressed by her strut and the way she worked the gawking crowd. There were a bunch of workmen to who she waved and they began singing out to her. She was incredible. Being a person who tends to prefer to observe others, I'm often impressed by those who court fame. That Jerry Hall moment worked its way into my book when my bohemian writer, Pearl in the 1930s thread, struts her way down the main street of my Tasmanian sea-fishing village. Pearl may be clothed in the fashion of the 1930s but I was also seeing Jerry Hall as I wrote, long blonde hair swaying, high heels clicking as she sashayed through a modern-day Sydney street.

Who would you wait in queue for to grab a moment with? When it comes to celebrities it's obvious I'd wait days for Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter.

But I was very glad I got a chance to finally meet the sensational Nigella!

Returning back to my edit, I submerged myself back into the world of Pencubitt in the 1930s and was surprised to have a call from the school. Was my daughter sick? No, she was waiting with the Office Reception as I had totally forgotten to collect her.

Such is the effect of the brush with fame for us mortals. I've never forgotten to collect my daughter and so that's what I call the Nigella Effect.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow Me to Queen of Preens and Autumn Fires


Have you missed me? I've found it difficult to get around the blogs lately due to my edit deadline but if you have missed me - follow me HERE I've been busy editing but still found time to blog about recent family holidays, preening Queens, writing, award ceremonies, and of course Johnny Depp. My edit is coming along nicely and nearing the end but if you want to find me at the moment, I'm in the world of my writing blog. I do miss my pink blog but it's easier for me to blog on my writing blog as I'm editing. Hope to see you there. xx

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 1900

On the 14th February in the year 1900, a group of schoolgirls set out for their annual Valentine's Day Picnic. Some were never to return...
What was the secret of Hanging Rock?

Every Valentine's Day I'm reminded of my favourite Australian movie, Picnic At Hanging Rock, which is based on the book of the same name by Joan Lindsay.

When I first saw this haunting, eerie movie in the 70s, I was terrified. After many repeat viewings, it still creeps me out. I'll do a longer post about this one day as it's such a fascinating film and I also love Elvira Madigan which Picnic was heavily influenced by.

Elvira Madigan

Picnic At Hanging Rock is my bookclub (Magic Hat Bookclub) pick this month. Joan Lindsay is a fascinating character and so I'm looking forward to this discussion.

image source here

But the Peter Weir movie will be forever associated in my mind with the 14th February. On this day every year, I see white dresses, corsets, elaborate cards, birds soaring in a brilliant blue sky, parasols, the menacing rock and the enigmatic Miranda.

A little bit of Rock trivia: Joan Lindsay married her husband on St Valentine's Day. The day always had a special significance for her which is why she set her novel on the 14th February.
Enjoy the day and night dedicated to love.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabbo Friday and a Fab Forties Flick

If you like 1940s film noir then I highly recommend “Leave Her To Heaven”.
 I've seen it twice now and it's amazing how your point of view changes with each viewing. I don't want to give too much away but the character Ellen (Gene Tierney) is depicted as a monster.
 When I saw it last Saturday night, I was surprised to find myself having a lot more empathy for her; she seemed to be more mentally ill than evil. And how irritating were some of the 'so-called-good' characters! The self-absorbed author-husband, Richard Harland (this makes me smile as I know a Richard Harland writer) neglects his new bride on their honeymoon leaving her to entertain his disabled brother, then wonders why she gets really, really mad at him.

And I also found the foster sister, Ruth, incredibly annoying. She was obviously all over Ellen's husband, flirting away, whilst Ellen was pregnant and once again he wondered why she became really irate.

This was one of Fox's highest grossing film in the 1940s. It's one of Martin Scorcese's favourite films and also one of mine.

And on this Fab Friday leaving you with an image of the lovely Johnny Depp as we head towards another steaming hot Sydney weekend.
Thanks for visiting me. xx
johnny depp image source
Leave Her to Heaven book source
Ellen and Richard together source
Gene in pool source
Gene in boat source

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chit-chat Wednesday and When you can't take no more!

The humidity in Sydney is dire at the moment. It's hard to sleep of a night and we are always shattered in the morning. We are all exhausted from the constant, blasting, merciless heat. I posted a few photos on my writing Blog from my Tasmanian trip here.http://josephinetalepeddler.wordpress.com/

Here's a few more to remind me of a cooler land.

And how wonderful is this ad from the 70's advertising 4711 ice cologne?

Only the 70's would be so surreal they would pitch the add at truckies. Have a wonderful week.