Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabbo Friday and a Fab Forties Flick

If you like 1940s film noir then I highly recommend “Leave Her To Heaven”.
 I've seen it twice now and it's amazing how your point of view changes with each viewing. I don't want to give too much away but the character Ellen (Gene Tierney) is depicted as a monster.
 When I saw it last Saturday night, I was surprised to find myself having a lot more empathy for her; she seemed to be more mentally ill than evil. And how irritating were some of the 'so-called-good' characters! The self-absorbed author-husband, Richard Harland (this makes me smile as I know a Richard Harland writer) neglects his new bride on their honeymoon leaving her to entertain his disabled brother, then wonders why she gets really, really mad at him.

And I also found the foster sister, Ruth, incredibly annoying. She was obviously all over Ellen's husband, flirting away, whilst Ellen was pregnant and once again he wondered why she became really irate.

This was one of Fox's highest grossing film in the 1940s. It's one of Martin Scorcese's favourite films and also one of mine.

And on this Fab Friday leaving you with an image of the lovely Johnny Depp as we head towards another steaming hot Sydney weekend.
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  1. I will have to check this film out!

    That's when you know you're watching a truly great actress, when she doesn't just play the character as a monster and you can see reason behind her madness :-)

    ~ Clare x

  2. I only come here for the Depp ;)
    kidding, thanks for the film recommendation. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Yep friday again and the weekend upon us. Wish I felt the same way about it as you LOL Seems to be that it is so often the time I have to do all sorts of things I would rather not be doing . LIke shpping. Have a great one.

  4. it's steamy here too even without johnny - and if the weather wasn't awful enough, we're now having flash flooding! i saw that film ages ago, but can't remember the details. i think it was fabulously melodramatic as such 40's films should be. certainly looks worth another look. i know what you mean about reacting differently to films on a later viewing, especially after a gap of years. as we gather life experience we do look at things differently. hope you find some cool breezes this weekend. jx

  5. Where did you see this film, TV, Foxtel, DVD? Ive been reading and watching Gone With the Wind this week, and am LOVING them. The characters of Rhett and Scarlett are so well-constructed and I think it is genius the way Margaret Mitchell has written the dialogue. I'm sure I would enjoy "Leave her to heaven" as well.

    Also, I am definitely enjoying the pic of Johnny Depp. He is utterly swoonsome!

  6. Josephine, This movie is just fantastic.....I have always loved it. Gene does an amazing job as the horrible Ellen, she is one of me fav. actresses. Great post!! XX

  7. Oh - as an aside, it is interesting that Gene's charactorisation of Ellen strikes you as mentally ill as opposed to 'evil', poor Gene endured such trauma herself with mental illness, it's really no wonder she pulled off such a breaktaking portrayal. XX

  8. Kesenya, Gene is a wonderful actress isn't she? And yes, like Vivien Leigh and Marilyn had to battle her demons. It's always lovely to see you here. xx


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