Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chit-chat Wednesday and When you can't take no more!

The humidity in Sydney is dire at the moment. It's hard to sleep of a night and we are always shattered in the morning. We are all exhausted from the constant, blasting, merciless heat. I posted a few photos on my writing Blog from my Tasmanian trip here.

Here's a few more to remind me of a cooler land.

And how wonderful is this ad from the 70's advertising 4711 ice cologne?

Only the 70's would be so surreal they would pitch the add at truckies. Have a wonderful week.


  1. Ahhh - lovely pics! So glad you had such a lovely time here in Tasmania. We just spent the day on a beautiful little beach near Cygnet gathering fossils and clambering over a tree that had fallen into the sea..... beautiful 24 degrees. Come back soon! x

  2. How fantastic, there was nothing 4711 couldn't cool down - air con in a bottle. And the olde worlde photo like that place at the Rocks, so fab.

  3. Sorry you are melting over there, whilst we over here are.....brrrrrrrh!
    Glad you had a good time,you look a real Lady in your dress and parasol, smashing photo!


  4. Wonderful ad! And lovely photos...makes me want out of this office and into the

  5. That church!! Le sigh. So gorgeous. You have been missed. I am happy you are back. I hope your time there was a good mix of productive and restful.xo

  6. the heat is too much here too, but we are getting some cool changes - hope some head your way too. i remember that ad, and i always had some 4711 on my dressing table!
    the tassie photos are lovely, and the one of you all in historic garb is so great! glad your time there was so inspiring. j x

  7. Melbourne is disgustingly humid too which is just NOT ON! and to add to the distress and dismay, here at baxter street we have observed three cockroaches checking out the real estate. Truly, such beastly critters are unheard of down here in the cold south. Next stop, Tasmania. jx ps welcome home TP. ;)


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