Friday, August 7, 2009

Fabbo Friday and JOHNNY DEPP

Last night I went with Artschool Annie to see Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp as the 1930s Depression-era gangster John Dillinger.

Artschool Annie and I aren't big gangster film fans by any means - but we are huge Johnny Depp fans and I love movies about (or from) the '30s. I had read about this movie on my friend Willow's Life at Willow Manor Blog and couldn't wait to see it.

Public Enemies is really excellent. It was so tense that I don't think I fully took a breath until it was over. Not only is it a great action movie but it's a terrific love story about two people who weren't really given anything in life, but who decided that they would have what they wanted anyway.

It's easy to see how a gangster can be formed when you consider the excessive sentence given to Dillinger after a minor early offense and his harsh childhood. Combine that with the Depression and desperate times make for desperate people. It was interesting to see the corruption in the police-force and how they blended at times with the gangsters in some very murky partnerships.

This movie offers the bonus of treating me to two of my cinematic heroes on screen - Clark Gable and Johnny!

It really is a timely film in these days when a lot of people are doing it tough and banks just seem to be getting more evil.

And let's face it, even the less attractive males in the cast look handsome in the hats and suits of that period, so Johnny is to-die-for in the wardrobe.

Plus, the Scribe actually stayed at the Hotel Congress in Tucson when he was travelling in America – the real Dillinger and his gang were arrested there in 1934

A perfect film really, and at 11pm Artschool Annie like an excited schoolgirl sent me a text: JOHNNY IS ON LETTERMAN! So in one night I got a double dose of my favourite actor of modern times. How cute was he on Letterman with that pink handkerchief hanging from his jeans?

So today, fired up with Johnny Depp fever, I bought the latest issue of US Vanity Fair which has an 11 page spread about a cruise by Francois-Marie Banier that Johnny and his group of male buddies took to his exclusive Caribbean island.

It is perfect reading, although it made the old sea dog in me totally jealous. But fascinating to read more about Johnny's creative process.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope it is filled with terrific movies, good friends, poetry, creativity and pleasant surprises.


  1. He is so cute that Johnny Depp - I must see the movie. I have read the article and thought he sounds like a very cool guy...Enjoy your weekend Josephine, xv.

  2. Well, you know I loved this movie, too!! And for all the same reasons you did. Don't you LOVE the pics in VF??

  3. Thanks Vicki. It is such a small world when you think of us reading the same magazine in different countries! Willow, I knew you couldn't resist this post! I LOVED the pictures in Vanity Fair but I'm so jealous of all his buddies on that trip! I wanted to be there and read my books on the yacht and listen to Johnny's music and watch him get sunburnt! It was a lovely article and some good pointers for creativity in it. xx

  4. This look for Johnny is MUCH preferred than his Mad Hatter look... he is quite handsome in this movie!

  5. OMG anything Johnny makes my heart miss a beat I do love him so....and this movie does look fabulous. I too love movies about the 30s and 40s, I can't wait to see this. After finally making it to the cinema to see Harry Potter I may have to wait for the dvd unfortunately. Wish I saw Letterman, I guess it will be on Youtube

  6. Linda, Johnny on Letterman is on Youtube. Don't know if you can see the hanky however. I want to see Harry Potter too! Fifi Flowers, I think Johnny is so fabbo in his '30s style clothes. Can't wait to see that Tim Burton film! xx

  7. i caught the letterman interview and thought the film sounded great. jd always seems to choose really interesting films that are more creatively made than most. i'm a sucker for a period film and also want to see cheri, as i love colette.

  8. I love a period film too pinry. Did you see Johnny in the Libertine? That was fabbo. I also want to see Cheri! It looks wonderful. xx

  9. no, the libertine has passed me by, but it does sound great - thanks for the tip!

  10. Great to hear you liked the film, I want to go and you convinced me !!

  11. Ooh lovely Erika. Let me know what you thought! My other half went on the weekend and loved it. He's been digging out all his gangster books ever since! xx


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