Friday, August 28, 2009


There is a very large huntsman on the wall at my daughter's preschool. In my day at school the spider would have been killed without a moment's hesitation. These days schools are more humane and the children are taught to appreciate the spider and the work it does to keep our eco- system balanced.
One by one, excited preschoolers are led to examine the enormous spider whilst some of the mothers cower in fear and swap huntsman horror stories.
I've been sitting this week with the mothers from the preschool, like a group of spiders spinning our webs. In this case we're knitting jumpers for babies in the colder mountain regions of Bali, attempting to give back to the community in this small way. I even (shock, horror) gave up writing time for this exercise. We wanted to show our children giving in action.
The children are fascinated by our knitting. The boys in particular all attempt to use the needles. Children were once taught to knit in schools as a matter of course.
Schools have changed so much since I was a child! I've been touring them recently looking for the school to place my daughter in next year. I have a dilemma between choosing a fabulous traditional school and a truly fabulous creative school. Both have impressive reputations in their different areas.
I spent a pleasant hour yesterday with the creative school's headmaster. His guitar was on the desk in his office. He was filled with enthusiasm for his job. His handsome young face glowed as he described the achievements the children had attained. When we toured the classrooms, the students all ran to him eagerly to show him their artwork, "Excellent! Rock on!" he said to his adoring students.
I felt like enrolling myself over my daughter by the time I had finished our interview.
Have a fabbo weekend.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to do and such a worthy cause. Have a great weekend!

  2. Josephine, I say the best Huntsman is a squished Huntsman, and the best way of relocating snakes is to relocate their heads from their bodies. If they're on my territory, they're history..
    Re - the jumpers you are knitting - how cool. My mam is busy knitting them, too, but she told me that Africa wasn't being sent any more jumpers for their newborns, and she wasn't sure where to send them. "Something will come up", she says. So you send yours to Bali? Do you send them directly, or via a coordinator? Sure the headmaster wasn't a reincarnated flower power guy? Maybe he has Woodstock in his veins.. smile...
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm sorry...but spiders....ahhhhhh!

    Good luck on your decision for schools. :)

  4. Personally I'd go for the creative school - but only if that is where your daughter's talent's lie - why not ask her what she thinks?

    That is cool that they didn't kill the spider (are they mega poisonous though?). We don't get killers or anything over here but I once got so angry with my boyfriend for stepping on a spider. He thought a cat was rubbing against his leg and then when he saw the spider, he screamed like a complete ninny and then I was like 'Don't step...' SPLAT! Too late...

    I made him promise never to do that again! I love spiders...and bees - they get a bad rep and they shouldn't...

    I wish I could knit...need to learn!

  5. I don't know if we have huntsman spiders in Minnesota - they sound hideous, but I totally understand the concept of not killing them and just letting them do their thing - outside of course. And I'm with you on the school dilemma. Evy is entering Kindergarten this year and we've been having a tough time with it. She is going to our local traditional school for now, but I sometimes wonder about sending her to a school that is a little more specialized. Ugggg. I'm sure no matter where they go they will turn out just fine.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. sounds so lovely knitting like that!
    the spiders! i love it ;)
    and thank you for
    always having the
    most thoughtful
    words to offer!
    you have a spirit of gentleness
    that comes across in your words
    its very special! ♥

  7. What a lovely post; about spiders, and knitting and the youthful, enthousiastic headmaster , with 'his guitar on his desk'. I also laughed at The Curious Cat's story about her boyfriend. Great Blog!!!


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