Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Cosy Days

We've just passed the Winter Solstice in Australia and I've been enjoying cosy days in our little brick terrace. One advantage of a small house is that it doesn't take a lot to heat. These couple of pics show where I've been scribbling in notebooks. They feature a few things I love in a room: black-and-white checkerboard floors, vintage chandeliers (I have a pink one in my kitchen), stained glass window and fairy lights.
I've also:
Finished Poets Cottage after nearly three years since it was first conceived in Tasmania on a family holiday (August 2007). At 93 000 words, it's one of my smallest books but I'm very happy and proud of it for many different reasons.
Visited my hairdresser who must have thought I had died or moved after three months of not seeing me. My new profile pic shows me chirpy now that I can see.
Been writing crime short stories for the annual Sisters in Crime competition. I love writing short stories after finishing a novel.
Lost everything (except photos and my draft manuscripts) in a major computer crash the day after I finished Poets Cottage. I had no computer for a week which was rather lovely when I got over the initial horror.
Bought a few goodies from op-shops and EBay. More to come on that.
Cheered my lovely daughter on in her first-ever sports carnival. Having been totally pants at sports all my life, it was amazing to see how good Daisy was. She won two seconds (javelin-throwing and long-distance sprint) two thirds and a ribbon for good effort
The photo of her running here is a race she actually lost when she turned around to see where her friend was. I love it, because it shows her enjoyment of the race.
I've been reading The Elegance Of The Hedgehog, a wonderful book. Bit slowish at first but if you persist you're rewarded with a magical read. This was my bookclub pick.
How about you? What cosy things are inspiring you or what are you up to? What features do you like to have in a house to feel 'right' in?
Do drop me a line. I'd love to know.
And a reminder that my giveaway closes next Monday and I'd hate for you to miss out.
Thanks for visiting me. xx


  1. how gorgeous! Daisy stopped to look for her friend....i would have SO done that...i think i actually may have 'thrown' the long distance running race in high school, just so i could walk with my best friend.
    it was worth more than a ribbon to me.....

  2. Cat, that is too cute! I can see mini-Cat (Kitten) strolling with her friend. I dreaded sports day. In fact, I was so terrified of the mother's race this year that it would bring back all the old agonies but thankfully, it was cancelled when they ran over time.xx

  3. oh i hated sports as a child too, otherwise a goody-two-shoes, I did actually wag a couple of sports days in my time. one can only take so much humliation. i suspect my five year old will be good at sports too. i'm rather suprised to hear that young children do javelin throwing, sounds a bit scary.

    my cosiest times this winter have been congregating in our warm small loungeroom, rather than the chilly family room, sorting washing while children play or draw and listening to roald dahl audio books.

  4. I am glad you said that about, 'The Elegance of the Hedgehog' because I was struggling a little...I shall persevere. Thank you, xv.

  5. Oh wow! It's been WAYYYYY too long since I've been by. LOVING your blog...and Johnny Depp. Ohh lala! :)

    Hugs to you!

  6. Hey hun! Digging the new look and feel here! Daisy does look so sweet! And so sorry to hear about the computer crash - how infuriating - but at least you can see the bright side... now...I'll scroll down and check out this giveaway as you so kindly suggested! :) xxx

  7. You look beautiful in your new profile pic and congratulations on finishing Poet's Cottage! Can't wait to read it- will it be available online or in the states?

  8. Congratulations on finishing your book! And also to your daughter for taking part in her first sports carnival. :)

  9. Jennifer, the javelins were made of some rubber thing. I would never trust my daughter to throw anything pointy whilst I was standing near.
    Vicki, truly this book is better as it goes along. I was sobbing by the end. It's an inspired read.
    Sophia, lovely to see you here and your Blog's new look is fab.
    Curious Cat, I have no idea of why my template is like this. Blogger seems to have changed all their templates. I'm so pants at this techno stuff!
    Jennifer, I would love it to be available in the States but my agent still has to read it and try to get it picked up here. But I can dream!
    Gypsyscarlett I'm coming to visit you real soon! Don't go anywhere! xx


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