Friday, July 2, 2010

Fabbo Friday, Arty Shots and Online shops

I'm smitten with the photo shoot of father-and-daughter team Barry and Miranda Otto (Australian actors) in Australian InStyle magazine (July issue). I love the bohemian, eccentric flair - and the brick kitchen which is a little like mine! I always enjoy articles on creative families.
And I'm also loving that two of my favourite Blogging friends have started online shops. Simone from Beach Vintage sold out virtually as soon as she announced her new shop was open. I managed to score the sweetest vintage handkerchiefs and gift-tags but the cupboard was bare by the time I got there.
And the gorgeous Isabelle from Suzy's Vintage Attic has started Suzy, Gaby and Maude. No stock yet but it will also sell as soon as she goes online. So keep these two sites bookmarked if you love vintage items. They both have a wonderful eye and style.
If you follow Cherry Menlove's amazing Blog, which celebrates Domestic Artistry in the most stylish, prettiest, fabbiest way, you will already know Cherry and Robert just had twins. Congratulations to you both. They have not had an easy run with plenty of heartbreak when it comes to conception. I didn't have time to get permission to use a photo from Cherry Menlove but if you go to this link, you'll see plenty of photos of a radiant Cherry and her lovely new babies, Ned and Anais, including the most precious photo of the newly born twins holding each other.
And of course, another fab shot to end the week of Johnny Depp in Secret Window. Don't forget my giveaway, which includes this fab thriller amongst other goodies. Giveaway closes midnight Sunday!
Enjoy your weekend. We are all sick at home with a mysterious bug and so it shall be a quiet one for us.
Thanks for popping in. xx


  1. sigh. get better, all of you.
    someone once said...children get a cold, men get the flu and women get on with it.....
    make sure you all look after each

  2. Hope you all get better real soon. I really like that you include Johnny Depp and the very cool pic of Helena Bonham Carter on an earlier post. xo

  3. so many bugs doing the rounds at the moment, we've had them constantly too. hope you take it easy and feel better soon. barry and miranda are looking fab, as is johnny of course. j x

  4. Cat, that is so true! Hysterical and true.
    Nerines, thanks for your good wishes. I hear the same beastly bug is doing the rounds in Hobart too.
    Jennifer, sending your family a buggy huggy. Barry and Miranda are fab aren't they? I saw Barry in some play once and he was stunning. Johnny's okay. :) xx

  5. There has been sort of weird bug thing going around and we've had a sort of on and off again thing but it seems to have disappeared for now (fingers crossed). Hope your keeping cosy:)xo

  6. love those photos of Barry & Miranda Otto, what a talented pair! I, too, love the brick kitchen. you're lucky you actually have one!!! :)

  7. the above post was actually me ;) My husband was logged in..grr!

  8. Thanks for your good wishes, Nerines. We did keep cosy all weekend. I do love Winter so much.
    Hello Cloudbusting, our house is a very small terrace but one thing I do love about it is the bricks. We're lucky in that we took the render off and the bricks were perfect. xx

  9. Hi Josephine, thanks so much for mentioning my online store. Thanks also for posting that pic of Johnny. you have made my day!

  10. Hope you guys are feeling better! Can't believe so many bloggers are setting up shop at the mo- seems like it is contagious! xxx


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