Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday and Spike

It's raining today and the world looks bleak from my window. We had a lovely weekend where not a lot happened but it was perfect in its simplicity. I went to the op-shop and found a Shirley Barber board game for five dollars which we played all weekend. I found some time to read magazines and the weekend papers in the garden. Spike, our cactus, who had grown to a precarious height (18 feet) and was swaying dangerously for months threatening low-flying planes, finally got a haircut.
Hard to believe that a few years ago, I carried Spike home along King Street, a tiny baby cactus in a pot as a gift for the Scribe.
When Daisy was born Spike celebrated the occasion by sprouting his first flower (he has only ever had two).
Today I am working on a crime short story, based on a real-life incident that happened to me. Outside I can see cars covered in rain, a grey sky. Cars are swishing past boxes on our verandah filled with spiky body parts


  1. I wish you well with the new writing. I have to say that I am not sure if this picture I see of you is the new haircut but it is a new picture for me. You look just great. Glad to be back reading you blog.

  2. Thanks Ralph for the good wishes. It's good to see you back to Blogging too. I don't feel so crash-hot at the minute. Winter bugs have attacked us all here. xx

  3. oh i love the sound of cars swishing by in the rain. i guess we've had drought so long, rain is still a bit of a novelty. that's a lovely story about spike. may he continue to thrive and flower! hope you're feeling better soon. j x

  4. Hello Jennifer, I do love the rain so much. I thrive in all the weather that everybody else seems to hate. Yes, long live old Spike! I feel like Jill and the prickly beanstalk. He's my greatest gardening success. xx

  5. You little girl, she is very darling too!
    Hope that the novel is going well and that there`s an happy ending, perhaps?Lol
    Wow! That`s a seriuosly tall cactus!
    We too have been having a lot of rain, in England!
    But, it always rains a lot in here, so sadly we are used to it! Even when we are supposed to be in the middle of Summer!


  6. Oooo, Spike is soooo tall!!!

    We seem to be sharing the same grey, rainy weather! But I do enjoy the rain from time to time, the sound of rain drops and the smell after does something to me:)


  7. ooo, I'm intrigued about this real life crime story...want to know more! Wouldn't you know it? Where I am is overcast too - and it is my first day off! So I'm in my pjs catching up a little on the blogging. It is nice to step into other people's worlds sometimes. Here I am alone and I do miss my friends and family a little and by going to the blogging community, I feel I can find some things/elements I need right now to help pick up my mood - warmth, family, uplifting sentiments and thoughts - things that everyone needs occasionally from time to time. Thanks for your comment about kids - I guess I just need to work at relaxing and talking naturally...maybe it will come...but I'm not going to force it... xxx

  8. Hello Curious Cat, it's nice to know we share the same grey skies. And that is exactly how I feel about a lot of the Blogging community. Don't worry about talking to children yet - everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place. xx

  9. Sher, I love the smell of rain when everything feels so fresh and cleansed.
    Hello Debbie, I hear it is very hot in England. I love the misty rain in the UK but any sort of rain really delights my simple heart. xx


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