Monday, July 5, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Lions in the Snow

The city is crushing me at the moment. We are going to the mountains for a few days to read books, look for snow, mountain-pixies and possibly lions.
I am going to drink hot chocolate and not leave the cottage.
I'll leave the giveaway until our return at the end of the week. For anybody who has not entered, the draw will stay open.
The photographs are of my daughter who stayed home sick from school last week. You can see how ill she was (ahem).
I need to breathe fresh air. I do hope it will snow.
snow images from weheartit


  1. have a lovely break, it sounds blissful. watch out for frost dragons. j x

  2. Good idea - cool snow and hot chocolate.Enjoy and come back fresh and sweet!

  3. Gosh that sounds totally awesome! I wish I could tag along too, especially for those mountain pixies and lions:)

    Have a great trip!


  4. Lol, I too have children who look that sick sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful time away and meet some lovely mountain pixies and friendly lions. xo

  5. i've heard there are black panthers in the hills, so at least the lions have some company. i'm pretty sure though, that neither like the you may not get to see them.
    maybe a footprint of two in the snow.
    you may get to see a snow leopard, however...or a yeti.
    enjoy the break and the hot chocolate and i hope Daisy is feeling a lot 'better' soon!!!!

  6. I get like this all the time. The need to escape the city and its limits. Have fun, stay safe from those lions!

  7. sounds fabulous and for sure you will have lovely cold weather



  8. Hey, enjoy your break you have earned it Josephine. Congrats on finishing Poets Corner, after three years. I know how it feels, books take so long, they are not a five minute job !!! Lots and lots of good Karma towards the publishing.

    I love your new look, you are sparkling. And Jonny Depp ... did I ever mention that one of the characters in my novel is Spanish and I have based this character's physical description on Jonny Depp. Well, my novel's sure to be a best seller now ... isn't it. lol x

  9. Hi Josephine

    Glad to have had a chance to catch up with your posts. Daisy looks so sweet on her sports day! Funily enough Miss P had to wear a yellow top too for her team on her sports day recently. Thank you for mentioning my new blog, really nice of you to do so.
    I hope that Daisy is much better and that the mountain air has been reviving for all of you. I am so looking forward to finding out when your new book will be out! You deserve a rest after all that work. I can see that Miss P and Dasy would have been great friends if they were the same age. I smiled as I looked at all daisy's pretty toys, jewellery, outfit and boxes. Just what Miss P used to have and like! Now sadly that is behind her...She's more into pop groups, singing and dancing.
    Look forward to hearing about your trip to the mountains.
    Take care ;-)
    Isabelle x

  10. Wonderful! A nice get away to refresh the brain! Snow? Wicked to see some in Oz - we are having the most hot summer, I haven't seen one like this in England for years - I'm going to welcome the snow when it comes calling in Nov/Dec I think...well maybe not does remind me of my ex but if I'm in the french alps perhaps not so much!


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