Monday, June 28, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Massive Giveaway at Tale Peddler!

I missed you all and I'm so pleased to finally be back blogging to celebrate the end of writing Poets Cottage. (Yes, it's true! Poets Cottage is finally with my agent!). Also to celebrate Tale Peddler turning ONE. How can this be true? It seems only a few months since I tried to fathom Google Blogger out! And also to say thank you to all the lovely and fab people who have commented, followed, lurked and been there for me in that year as I continued to attempt to fathom the mysteries of Blogger…
To celebrate all these things - I am having a Giveaway!
And so gentle ladies and gents, do not push, poke and become all frantic to get to the goodies. You do have a week.
Up for grabs in the first-ever Tale Peddler giveaway is the following:
1/ A very pretty, cute and lovely purse/make-up bag from one of my favourite King Street shops, Pretty in Pink. Quite appropriate as Tale Peddler began life as a shocking pink colour. To celebrate I have gone pink again!
2/ Not one but three current Australian magazines. This is a great chance for an overseas reader to grab some magazines not available in their country and also for Australians to stock up. I have the wonderful, whimsical, pretty and clever Frankie, and Frankie's older sister still clever crafty and vintage, Notebook. And Australian Country Style with some super country homes and its usual beautiful styling and photography.
3/ And there's also some divine Hedgehog bookplates by the wonderful Emily Martin from Inside a Black Apple. My house is beginning to look a bit like Emily's Blog with all the prints I've been buying. These plate are from Emily's fab Etsy Store here.
4/ And of course, it wouldn't be a Tale Peddler giveaway without Johnny Depp. Here is a sealed DVD of one of my favourite Johnny movies, Secret Window where he plays a writer. It's not one of his more well-known films and the writing isn't terrific but he's in good form and it's a little bit creepy as well.
You know the drill. You have to either be a follower of Tale Peddler or a Facebook friend to enter. If you are on Facebook, leave a comment in the comment box or tick the like box and you shall have your chance.
If you are a follower leave me a comment and you are then eligible. And if you mention this giveaway on your Blog or Twitter and let me know - you get a double chance!
This giveaway is open to all countries, hedgehogs and other galaxies if they so desire.
And the Magic Hat - who normally only ever appears at The Magic Hat Bookclub - has kindly agreed to be the vessel for the lucky duck's name who will be pulled out and announced next Wednesday. And so calling all Lucky Ducks to get your entry in!
I really can't believe it's been a year and I'm still here trying to work out Blogger. I had promised myself to buy a proper Blogging book and I never did. I'm as perplexed by the Blogging business as I was the first day I began Tale Peddler. And I remain eternally uplifted by how much talent, beauty and inspiration there is to be found in the Blogging world.
Thanks for reading and being there in my first year.


  1. Hi thee I like what you have done to your blog.

    I would love one or all of those lovely giveaways.

    Exciting about the book, good on you and congratulations.


  2. Thanks Jane. I still have a long way to go with this Blog. Give me another year and I'll be able to work out how to do a header! And yes, the giveaway is for one lucky duck to get the booty. The Magic Hat is only going to announce one name. Good luck! xx

  3. i missed you!!!!!!
    glad you're back and i can't wait to read your book!!! i still keep an eye out for the others, you know! xxx
    (it's just occurred to me i may be over-using the exclamation mark a wee bit.....)

  4. Thanks Cat. You've always been such a support to me here. I appreciate it so much. Good luck! xx

  5. Hello Josephine, Okay you got me...I'm officially out of lurking after loving your blog for some time. Who can resist a giveaway, not me! I live in Tasmania, love a good mystery and will be looking out for Poets Corner once it's out in the stores...but I also want to see that cottage in Stanley when I travel up that way. Lovely to have you back! xox

  6. Hi Josephine

    Ooh! What a lovely giveway, I love it all! Please count me in. I have not seen that film yet and am intrigued.
    You must feel a relieved knowing that your book has been written and is now with your agent. All that hard work will be rewarded ;-)
    It's a lovely photo of you, you look beautiful!

    Congratulations on being one. I have really enjoyed your posts and style of writing and look forward to many more posts.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  7. Hello Melissa, your comment made me smile. I knew someone was out there! You are welcome to go back to lurking after the giveaway but it is nice to say hello to you! Thanks for your kind words. It's lovely to have a fellow Tasmanian reading. I am often homesick. As for the Captain's Cottage it is so strange to think it is two years or so since we first went there and I formed the idea for what would become Poets Cottage. Stanley is the loveliest place and I hope to return in the near future. Here's a link to the cottage
    Thanks for visiting me. Best wishes for the giveaway! xx
    And Dearest Isabelle, you are always one of the people who come to mind when I think of friends I have met around the world through Blogging. You already know how much I love your Blog and following your daily life and musings. We have so much in common and being able to visit you in Suzy's Vintage Attic is always a highlight. Thanks for your kind words on my photograph. I finally had my hair done after months of writing. Good luck with the draw! xx

  8. OK! With that enthusiastic headline of yours, I'm here like a shot, followed by my brass band, to enter your giveaway. What a nice haul of stuff! And well done for accomplishing your full year!

  9. Hello Jospehine. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love. Everything sounds exciting for you honey. Congrats to you!

  10. Hello Mise, It has been a joy to find you and your Blog. Your comment section is always filled with such wit as are your posts. Good luck! xx
    Simone, you are the greatest Blogging friend. You never fail to viit me and leave a comment and I really appreciate that as Beach Vintage and your lovely shop are so busy. Can't wait for your Beach Vintage book! Best wishes for the draw.xx

  11. Hi Josephine, Congrats on your first birthday!
    A gorgeous, whimsical, gentle blog that I love dipping into whenever I feel frazzled or in need of a comfort read. And my goodness, you list Enid as one of your favourite authors. I would love to send you a copy of my new book, The Accidental Princess. It is my homage to Enid and will be published by Penguin early next year. I will keep in touch and perhaps I can send you an advance copy?
    Best wishes with all your lovely ventures.

    June 29, 2010 5:25 PM

  12. Dear Jen, I am even more tickled pink than I already am. What a lovely comment and offer! I would treasure a copy of The Accidental Princess. If you don't get around to it when it's published I shall buy one! I am mad for Enid Blyton and am a member of the Official Society. I have to do a Blog post on the Helena Bonham Carter film, Enid. It's a great film in so many ways. Helena is perfect as Enid. Thank you so much for that generous offer, Jen. I am in awe that you can also spell diarrhoea. Good luck for the giveaway. xx

  13. hello! lovely to see you back. congratulations on completing the book, that must be a great feeling, and happy blog birthday! don't bother to get a book on blogging, just do it your way! looking forward to year 2 of tale peddler! jx

  14. Hello Jennifer, You have been a gift to Tale Peddler. I still get emotional that somebody who hasn't met me could be so caring and create such a beautiful gift for me. You are one of the special ones. Best wishes for the giveaway! xx

  15. A great giveaway Josephine many fabulous goodies.
    What a feeling of relief you must have after submitting your book - congratulations, and one year of blogging...I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday that I learnt who the real Primrose was...xv

  16. Hi Josephine,
    I'm just letting you know that I haven't been a lurker, though it is an activity I often enjoy:) Today is the first time that I've come across your blog. At first it was the giveaway notice in a comment left on Carla Loves Photography that drew me in but then when I read you love dreamers, bohemians and visionaries, I felt that this would be my kind of place...not so much the visionary thing that would be a long shot for me. I'm rather fond of holding give aways also, but I understand I've been really cheeky and joined in late with your blog, so hopefully I get to enter the next one in the mean time I'll enjoy your posts and maybe you might get to enter one of mine sometime, if you like. Congratulations on your first bloggy anniversary! xo

  17. I can't believe it has been a year too! It feels longer - like you've been in my life a long time! :) Congratulations though - on being one and finishing your book! Great news! Ah, alas...want to read up on all my fav blogs right now but need to press on with the job hunting...I really should be working harder to find one but who really wants to go back to the office?! Still, better pull up my socks a bit otherwise I'll be complaining later when the money runs out! Speak soon sweetie! xxx

  18. Vicki, it's so true that a year has passed too quickly. I do miss lurking the Blogs at times but Blogging itself has become so addictive. Thank you as always for taking the time to comment. Your support has always meant so much. xx
    Hello Merines and welcome. Any friend of Carla's is a friend of Tale Peddler. And of course you are entered! Good luck for when the Magic Hat announces the name. xx

  19. Congratulations on Poet's Cottage- what an accomplishment- especially with all you've been doing lately! (move, renovation etc.) I loved Secret Window too- Johnny Depp is divine xo

  20. That's way sweet of you, Thankyou. xo

  21. Jennifer, thanks for that. I have to agree with you. I'm very proud of finishing Poets Cottage. Finishing any book is something to celebrate and this one was a challenge for several reasons. And Amen to Divine Johnny. xx

  22. Wow, you have achieved so much! I'm loving the changes to your blog, and excited about your giveaway! Wendy xx

  23. What a fabulous colloection in the giveaway dear Josephine. I have not heard of Frankie's older sister, Notebook, nor of the Johnny Depp film!
    Please enter me and i will post a link at Secretsofabutterfly page on FB too for an extra entry.
    many Congratulations on finishing your book and on your years anniversary here!!
    wishes Kat x


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