Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Pixies, Blue Loos and Daydream Lily's Abode

Lately I've been shopping in one of my favourite places, EBay. Here's a few little treasures I've bought this week. Vintage wallpaper to cover a cupboard in my daughter's room. I love the little possums, pixies and koalas. Bunting for the outside of our writing shed (Sparrow Chateau) and for the kitchen in Cath Kidston oilcloth. And Pixie Tales, from Enid Blyton, a book I loved as a child.
And when it comes to fab and lovely Blog posts this week, it doesn't get much fabbier or lovely than the post Lucy from The Design Files did on Daydream Lily's home. You can see it HERE. Daydream Lily is one of my favourite places to visit for inspiration. Actually, Lucy's Blog is also fab as well. I love the 70's Sarah Moon, girly, whimsical vibe of Daydream Lily's abode.
The Scribe and I were both oohing and aahing over the office on this post from another King of Fab Blogs, The Selby. I love the creative romantic, boho, over-the-top vibe of this house where photographer Jamie Isaia and clothing designer Anthony Malat live. And I love the blue loo.
I'll be taking a short break from Blogging as I edit the last few chapters of Poets Cottage. I shall still be around to visit my blog friends, never fear. And saluting the ever-fab Johnny Depp as we float into another weekend.
Thanks for dropping in. Hope the next couple of weeks are peachy, whimsical and romantically over-the-top for you wherever you are in this amazing universe. xx


  1. that wallpaper is adorable! and bunting never goes astray in my opinion. lovely inspirational links as always. good luck with the editing and come back soon to regale us with more tales. j x

  2. You seem to be a soul after my own heart, buying goodies on ebay, I'm hooked! Now if I could only be sure to win Johnny Deppe........!

    Hope your work goes well my friend, happy times.

  3. Lovely!

    Love the vintage wallpaper.

  4. Hi sounds like life is still filling you with joy and you are still filling others with yours. Have just caught up on all the posts I missed thanks again and thank you for comments you made on my blog.

  5. What fab buys!
    Yesterday I received three parcels... all from my ebay shopping spree.
    I`m hooked at buying plants at the moment.


  6. There's Jonny Depp, popping up again ... just what this girl wanted! Thanks.

    All the best with the final edits :)x

  7. Always worth saluting the fabulous Johnny Depp! :) Love the piccys! Good luck with the edit! xxx

  8. I love the pics of the interiors especially that bathroom so full of personality and of course Johnny. Who wouldn;t love that face and those cheekbones. Happy editing. carla

  9. I love the wallpaper- and thank you for the blog and book recommendations on my blog- I can't wait to read up! xo

  10. I wish you would stop publishing images of Johnny....I am seriously in love now. SERIOUSLY.

  11. So pretty, I love darling wallpapers like that, I wonder if they're expensive?

    And Enid Blyton! I used to have such a huge collection of her books, I hope they're still there in the storeroom:)


  12. Hi Josephine

    I have enjoyed catching up with your posts after having been away in France and Belgium for just under 2 weeks. I hope that the Scribe approved of your latest book ;-)

    I love the title and look forward to reading it myself one day.

    Your links are always interesting. Selby is full of lovely photos.

    The wallpaper is so pretty, Daisy must be so pleased with her cupboard. Vintage wallpaper is wonderful for tranforming something quite plain in to something quite special.
    I recognise the fabric under the bunting. I have some of that fabric, it's so pretty and fresh.

    Ebay is a great place to shop, I like the idea of buying something that you can't get in your own country.

    Good luck with the book, I have fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Back to some housework....

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  13. i love the selby

  14. I love the vintage wallpaper, Josephine! Happy Monday!


  15. Oh, I adore adore adore Enid Blyton!
    I remember his books being the epitome of my childhood.
    And the wallpaper is gorgeous!

  16. Hi Josephine - what a fabulous feeling it must be to have almost completed a's to the next step and eventual publishing, good luck dear.

    I'm back from my African safari.......the most awesome trip of my life, every moment was truly amazing and the time with my Brit friends full of precious memories. I'm posting photos of the animals and great places we stayed.......hope you can stop by to see how fabulous it all was. I hope to return someday and take my granddaughter with me, 2012 perhaps!!

    Happy weekend - hope Sydney is drying up a little.

    Hugs - Mary
    A Breath of Fresh Air

  17. Congratulations Josephine...I am sending you a post card of Le Pont du Gard. Can you send me your postal address please, xv.


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