Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabbo Friday and Fab and Lovely New Books

One of the simple joys in my life is new books. And look at my lovely new books which arrived last week!
Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw could easily be renamed Perfect Book. I could spend hours gazing in awe and rhapsody at the beautiful homes within it.
I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks is another fab and lovely book filled with style inspiration. Massive amounts of photographs of stylish and super fab people. The sort of stylish and fab that make your eyes water when you gaze upon their coolness and beauty. And some pretty rare shots of Brigitte Bardot in this lovely book as well as folk like Laura Bailey, Mick Jagger, Jane Birkin and so on. The usual fab and cool crowd.
And Kelly Doust's The Crafty Minx. This pretty book written by the pretty Kelly is sublime crafty loveliness. I think I have to do a separate post on it alone.
I really love finding some time in a busy day of mothering, editing and domestic artistry to sit in my little garden in the autumn sunshine with a cup of tea and flick through these fab books.
And of course read a couple of magazines. Australia's Country Style and the UK's Country Living both vie with each other for the prettiest colours.
And my fab Blog post for the week goes to the Crafty Minx herself, Kelly Doust. Her Blog is so informative and if you subscribe she sends you the prettiest craftiest newsletters.
I hope your weekend is filled with joyful leisurely moments with good books and mags. Take us away, Johnny for another fab weekend.
Thanks for visiting me. xx


  1. I love that Kelly Doust book - so inspiring and some of the projects are really simple (others are time consuming!)

    Must get the Amanda Brooks one too...


  2. Hope this finds you well. Have read your blogs with interest thought it was time I posted a comment. Thanks for all of yours. Have a good weekend I am off in my caravan and I will I hope mange not to fall off the roof.

  3. i love the term domestic artistry, very jane brocket! i wish i could carry out my domestic tasks in a mindful and creative way, but sometimes there's just no way to be creative when sweeping dinner off the floor yet again! the crafty minx looks great - hope you do do a post about it. hope you enjoy a weekend with lots of opportunities for book browsing in the autumn sunshine.

  4. Books, books, books! Gosh I love them! The Book Thief was a BRILLIANT book - so cleverly written. I think it should be a text for high school students. Wendy xx

  5. It has been too long since I have had received a box filled of books that I can't wait to read. Enjoy your books!!!!

    And, I must thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, love and being such a wonderful bloggy friend. It means more to me than you can know.

  6. Hello Ralph, A weekend in a caravan sounds lovely. Have fun!
    Hi Jane, I have left you a link to the beautiful Laura Bailey's post where I first read about I love your style. It's a truly fab book.
    Jennifer, I think I first read that term in Jane's book. It's a great phrase, isn't it? You would love Crafty Minx. When household tasks get too boring, I do affirmations aloud. Or talk to myself and the spirits. I quite like cleaning although I need to do it more often!
    Wendy, I could not agree more. It is tragic it is not on the reading list. When I see some of the trash they are reading it fills me with despair.
    Belette, you know I love you. xx

  7. Ooh one of my simple pleasures in life is new books too! I always love when I have an order from Amazon coming- it comforts me. I just finished the latest No.1 Ladies Detective Agency book and it was, as usual, wonderful. Then I got a funny book called 'Classy' which is a modern take on etiquette and I got a cookbook! Skinnygirl Dish. When they all came in I was in heaven. hope you had a wonderful weekend xo

  8. Thanks for commenting on my Cath Kidston Give Away. I see a re occurring theme on your blog....Johnny Depp. Can I just say what fabulous taste you have xx

  9. Hi Josephine

    I love discovering new books. I have the Perfect English Cottage book which I enjoy looking at. Your other choice of books have intrigued me and in a moment I shall look them up. I am still enjoying the Brigitte Bardot book. It's taking a while to get through as the only spare time I have to read at the moment is just before picking up Miss P from school. I arrive about 3.10pm and read in the car for about 20 minutes. I am almost half way through. What a life she'd had so far!

    Crafty Minx blog is a nice discovery, I have not seen that one before.

    How are you getting on with your book? Is it taking the direction you wanted?

    Thank you for the info on trampolines. I have been concerned too. What has made me consider having one and I didn't mention in my post, is that Miss P is trained in gymnastics and trampolining (she's had lessons with the coach who trained Sophie Burr - British champion)so knows what moves to do and is good at it. The safety of the trampoline is something I need to look at closely as there are many types out there! So much to consider.... Also when her friends visit, there is so little for them to do in the garden as there is nothing there for children. No decisions made yet.

    I wish you a good evening as it is for you now.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  10. Great books Josephine....enjoy them, xv.

  11. Oh it's a fine day when a big box of books is delivered! Enjoy!! :)

  12. Hi I'm a new follower - I'm loving your Johnny Depp pics!

  13. I own a copy of The Crafty Minx, love this book. Love Johnny too, but you knew that.

  14. Ahhh, the book thief, I love that book!


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