Monday, May 24, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Bellucci baby, Jinty and rain

Rain, rain, rain in Sydney for days which I love. Perfect writing weather. Perfect crime reading and apple crumble weather. Here's a list of some of the things making my heart smile and sing this week.
Inspector Wexford (from Ruth Rendell's series of books). I've recently discovered this likeable detective, who enjoys reading and roses.
Vintage wallpaper (in particular with yellow roses)
Old Loony Tunes cartoons - I love watching the familiar characters I've grown up with bash and mutilate each other. I've recently discovered Baby Loony Tunes. Tweety in a nappy is just too cute for words.
Jinty Annuals - love my old Jinty's. They are so superior to the magazines for young girls today with their lack of merchandise advertising. The girls in my old annuals from the fifties and seventies were always plucky and had great adventures. My daughter loves me to read from Jinty. Although I have to admit she also loves the modern day merchandise filled mags.
This lovely print giveaway from the Blog gingerlillytea. I've purchased a couple of prints from this talented photographer. I do covet her new children's series as I love the dandelion clocks. Daisy loves to blow the 'fairy clocks'.
And the hottest couple on the planet (except Johnny and Vanessa) Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel have a new baby daughter, (Leonie) who was born in Rome on May 20th. Leonie is the couple's second child. Deva, their daughter was born in 2004. Monica, who is a modern day Sophia Loren, gives inspiration and hope to all women in their forties trying to conceive. Ahem, no names mentioned.
Hope your week is filled with inspiring, cozy, lovelies which make you feel smiley inside.
Thanks for dropping in. xx.


  1. Hi Josephine

    The weather couldn't be more of a contrast over here. It's more like summer. It's sunny and VERY hot! I liked your description of having an apple crumble on a rainy day whilst reading. The sort of thing I love doing.
    I collect vintage wallpaper, such pretty floral patterns in the 20s 30s & 40s although some of them tear very easily. It's quite a delicate operation when using them.
    I am working on a project at the moment and will reveal all in a few weeks time.
    Times have changed, women in their 40's can do so much more now it seems. As you say, it is encouraging for different reasons.

    Another blog to discover, going over to gingerlillytea now.

    Hope your book is coming along well.

    Take care

    Isabelle x

  2. Again! Something that I too liked as a child reading the Jinty comic and I may even have been given the annual at Christmas. I am not sure if your Jinty was the same as mine. D.C. Thomson & Co (a Dundee publisher) used to write and print these.

    Ahhh memories .... :)

  3. Our equivalent of Jinty here was called Bunty - how oddly they were named! Full of good values and intrepid heroines, cakes and lemonade, smugglers and beauty queen contests. So much of our sophistication now seems misplaced when you consider these magazines.

  4. Hi Josephine,
    Thought I'd pop over and say 'Hello'. I agree vintage wallpaper - especially with yellow roses - would make my heart sing too! Too cute.
    It's raining in Melbourne too - but my little garden looks so much better for it. Lucy x

  5. i thought that top photo was you and the scribe on a night out(!) there is a likeness i think ... go monica! i had all my children in my forties. it is more common now. good luck to those women you wont mention... xxx

  6. Dear Isabelle, thanks for your kind words on my book. I would love to see your wallpaper collection. One of the joys of my life is viewing all your lovely treasures. Enjoy the sunshine.
    Sharon, I also loved Misty if you remember those. And Tammy as well. Sigh.
    Mise, you have summed it up perfectly. I think I remember Bunty too. I feel very old!
    Lucy, my little garden is thriving. My lavender has sprouted and our cactus looks like a spiky Jack and the beanstalk.
    Jennifer, pop in anytime with flattering comments. I told the Scribe who agreed we do Hee, hee. I cannot believe you are in your forties Ms Pinry. You look twenty something. :) That is so interesting about you having your family later. I am even more in awe of you now. When I was having Daisy there was a lady who having her baby naturally at 46. Fingers crossed. xx

  7. Well, I thought I'd call over and say hello. I love apple crumble and autumn days but over here we're loving some very warm spring weather. I'm getting into the garden - have planted rasberry bushes and a lupin in the past couple of days. Very proud of myself.

    Have a lovely week too!

  8. Wow, Josephine~ It seems I have missed a plethora of great things here at your place to include a happy, lovely wedding. I am so so happy for you and your family.

    It seems so much good is in your life.

    Oh and of course, I was pleased to read on and see Johnny Depp popping in here and there. He does a great cameo! :)))

    Take very good care~ xx

  9. Love that first picture. I am with you on the vintage wallpaper. Its a little cold here too today, but the sun is out.

  10. Oh dear- you have just given me the most major craving for apple crumble! Hope you're having a great week :)

  11. HI Josephine. I love Monica and Vincent and can you imagine how beautiful their baby girl will be! I caught the Ellen Von Unwerth exhibition at Le Bon Marche in Paris where they starred last week. Loved it. Great excuse to nosy around a beautiful store after the wonderful images. carla

  12. I love the choice of visuals on your blog!

  13. Oh wow!! I used to get the Jinty Annuals from my grandma in england, she'd send them over every christmas and birthday, I loved them!! :)


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