Monday, May 10, 2010

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and Autumn Delights

I wish I could bottle the Autumn sunshine. It's so happy-making and calming. I'd like to splash and blow bubbles in it. Here are some other delights that are making me happy and mellow, yellow in the Sydney Autumn days.
1/ Martha B Rabbit. I am a fan and would love to be Martha B Rabbit, the wise and pretty rabbit created from Shirley Barber. I love her domestic artistry and her cozy little house with its crochet throws, preserves and warming fire. I admire the way Martha prepares for the coming of winter with her jam-making. Sigh. I would really enjoy spending a winter with Martha B Rabbit.
2/ Granny shoes and coloured tights. I love shoes that your witch Grandmother might wear. Here's my shoes I wore this morning.
3/ Helena Bonham Carter because she also loves Granny Witch shoes and because I love Helena no matter what the season. How I wish I had the courage to wear bloomers. And I'd love a baby pig around the house. Queen of fab and cool.
4/Vintage Pink pale lipstick
6/ living a more frugal lifestyle. I finally have a chance to read books never touched. And watch DVDs still in their wrappers from years ago. We all have so much stuff!
7/ the melodic call of the magpies, morning and evening.
8/ The sinister, darkness in fairy-tales. I can feel more fantasy books calling to me. The path is glistening ahead, the wolves are waiting. Winter is coming. and tales need to be told.
Enjoy your week. What is making you happy and uplifted in your life? I always love to hear. xx
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  1. all such fabulous stuff! i love the autumn light too, and was just bemoaning the lack of autumn foilage in melb at the moment. i'm loving your skirt/tights/shoes combo. i think i need some new shoes (that look old of course!) oh to live simply like martha bunny, with jam and fairytales ...

  2. Hello Josephine

    It seems strange to read about Autumn when it is Spring over here. I too love that golden mellow glow that Autumn brings, it is a lovely season. Enjoy it!

    Martha B Rabbit looks so sweet, I love the illustration. I am wondering how I have not discovered her before. Miss P would have loved those books when she was younger.As a child, I always loved the interior decor of these fictional character's homes, living in a tree or burrow. I used to try and recreate that look in my bedroom. It never looked as good much to my disappointment...

    I like the sound that rooks make, I don't think you have them in Australia. A few swallows have started appearing, their call make me think of summer.

    Helena Bonham Carter is a great actress, she was in "Enid" recently. She played the role really well. Has it been shown on TV in Australia? It was made for TV and is about Enid Blyton. Not what I had expected of this well known writer but fascinating account of her life.

    Uplifting me at the moment is my new health routine which I shall soon share on one of my forthcoming posts.

    Great picture of you and Daisy on previous post. Thanks for the link to my blog again, really nice of you.

    I'm off to bed now. You are probably just about to get up. I hope you have a great day.

    Ooh I have been rabbiting on a bit haven't I!...;-))

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. i do so love Helena Bonham Carter....she just rocks!
    i'm with you on the magpie warble, too.....
    what makes me really happy is my puppy who nibbles the tip of your nose (i laughed once when she did it, so she does it because she knows i like it!)
    she's a rescue dog who never had a thing before she came to me and was also hit and generally the trust she shows me is the most wondrous thing ever!

  4. I love this post,Josephine!Martha B Rabbit is a favourite with my seven year old daughter.
    What makes me happy?....My daughter of course!Seeing the world through her eyes is magical.I have two teenage daughters as well who I love just as dearly (naturally)..but there is something about those fleeting childhood years that fills the soul with joy.
    P.S.Martha B Rabbit:The Fairies Cook is our favourite.P.S.S.Love Love Love your blog!

  5. Lots to love and inspire! :) I like the last one particularly...and the shoes...and Helena! xxx

  6. i agree with you about the autumn sun, its just the best! I am happy this week that my vege garden is coming along and that I have lunch with a girlfriend tomorrow.

  7. Hello Josephine darling, your Autumn and our Sring...stange!! Darling, in the past month, I too finally got a chance to read several books I had purchased years ago and found the time to sit down and enjoy several un-wrapped DVDs. Life's simple pleasures. What a delightful post.

    Love & Hugs

  8. Jennifer and Isabelle, I think you are both Martha B Rabbit!
    Cat, we have such similar tastes (as in we both have good taste) Good for you with the rescue dog. Alfie was also a rescue dog, bless his heart. It is heart-breaking to go there but well worth it.
    Totally with you there, Lou. My daughter takes me to new heights of happiness. Thanks for the kind words and for visiting me
    Curious Cat, I can't wait to get Helena as Enid Blyton in Australia. She is the bestest.
    Simone, your garden is lovely. Talented Simone.
    Duchess, thank you so much for your visit. I shall be over to sip some tea soon. xx

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