Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday - Tag, Truth and Dare

I have been tagged by the lovely Wendy from The Sice Family Beautiful Day to reveal the following about myself.

1. What books are on your favourite shelf?
I have thousands of books on my favourite shelf. At the moment I am reading Fox Evil by Minette Walters and also enjoying Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket.

2. What DVDs are on your favourite shelf?
Again too many to list. I have been watching The Hetty Wainthropp Mysteries and Nigella Bites recently.

3. What are your two favourite cookbooks?

My Grandmother's handwritten recipe book that was passed along to me and at the moment Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer.

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests.

From Cherry Cakes and Ginger beer I like the sound of
1/St Clare's Éclairs
2/Mary Poppins' Strike-Me-Pink Raspberry Jam Cakes
3/Heidi's Grandfather's Simple Swiss Cheese and Bread Supper

5. What will we be drinking that's available?

Gorgeous Ginger Beer and Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy Lemonade

10 Random Things.

My star sign is Scorpio but I have a Cancer moon which makes me very home and family orientated and very emotional and weepy.
I was a vegetarian for many years and took up meat when I was pregnant. Now I am trying to return to a meat-free diet.
I am a bit of a Bionic woman as I have a pin and plate in my Right arm from an old motor vehicle accident.
I love Aromatherapy oils and blend a lot of my own skin-care products
I am a country girl at heart.
I am a frustrated crafty wanna-be
I need to get more sleep
I tend to focus all my energies and money onto my daughter and shamefully neglect myself.
I don't like a lot of things about the modern age and prefer the charm, quality and nostalgic appeal of bygone times.
I like Oriental perfumes. Two of my favourites are Coco by Chanel and Shalimar by Guerlain.

10 Things That Are True
I am over-sensitive
I am an introvert
My two favourite things to do is spend time with my family and write my tales.
I believe in fairies
I need to lose weight
I love being a Stay at Home Mum even though I originally thought I would hate it.
I love being by the sea
I am not a pretentious person. What you see is what you get with me.
I do prefer to spend money on my daughter than myself.
Ageing hasn't bothered me at all. I am grateful for every day.

And there you have it! Now I am not sure if I am meant to tag people back? Perhaps somebody out there knows? I am never sure of the Blogging world and its games.

Before I go, I have to mention that Tale Peddler has won another Lovely Blog award. Thank you very much to Bella Mumma! It is most appreciated and if you are a mother and interested in beauty, skin care and stylish Yummy Mummies then you might like to check out her Blog. I hope you are having a fun and rewarding week. xx

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  1. Ah! Interesting stuff! Like finding out more about the bloggers who I regularly follow - I like all the things you tell us about yourself too! Especially the aging fact, the sea fact and the fairies fact! Oh and the emotional fact too! :) Congratulations on the other award too! xxx

  2. Its great to get to know some more of these little things about you.
    I can relate to some especially being a country person at heart.

  3. I so enjoy learning more and more about you- I love your sense of magic and whimsy... As a child my father and I would make "faerie" furniture- tiny little chairs and tables and place them in the gardens for the faeries. I still believe in them too :) xo

  4. Congrats on your tag and award: It's funny but I really like reading bloggers answers to memes /tags/ and awards. It's like being a voyeur. Yet I am aprehensive about revealling the same when I am tagged. (Hence why I have yet to honour my various memes and awards - but I am on it ... I"ve not forgotten). Well done. :)

    PS Just like you, one of my favourite pefumes is Coco Chanel the other is Midnight Poison by Dior.

  5. Love your blog - am going to follow you!!

  6. Wow, a cookbook passed down......what a wonderful thing to own Josephine.

  7. Just found your blog and I like.... Think will follow you for a while.....

  8. Oh oh - am trying to comment but something is stopping them being published. Will try again. Just found your blog.. like it a lot

  9. you've got Jane Brocket's new book! i love her style. i take it you recommend it.

    when reading your lists, there were many items that i was going "yes, me too" to. need more sleep, need to lose weight, like natural skincare and yes, the quality of things from the past. my favorite perfume used to be guerlain's nahema. my children are scorpio and cancer. i could go on, but that would get boring! nice to find out more about you!

  10. Thanks Curious Cat. I know we have similar taste in a lot of things. Gary, it's so true I am happiest in the countryside. Perhaps one day I will retire to my seaside fishing dream village and grow roses and write my tales! Jennifer, what a lovely game to play with your father. We have made one fairy house for Daisy and now spiders live in it. Sharon, I know what you mean. I think I repeat myself a bit with these tag games too. I hate talking about myself as well! Hi Kate. Good to meet you and I think the computer gremlin got into the posts but I have all your efforts now and I'm following you back! Simone, I treasure that recipe book although sometimes it makes me cry when I see my Nanny's writing and her little notes. I feel her in that book more than anywhere else. Pinry, yes definitely a book for your 'must get' list. It's totally fab and a lovely trip down nostalgia lane. Glad to see we both have excellent taste! And you could never be boring my dear! xx


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