Friday, October 2, 2009

Fabbo Friday and Fab Op-shop finds

Regular Tale Peddler readers will know I love op-shops (thrift shops to overseas readers) and EBay. Here are a few of the fab and lovely things I've purchased recently.

1/ Mark and Mandy book. Daisy adores these sweet stories of two cousins and their adventures. This one is in new condition and so it will be a surprise in her Christmas stocking gifts. (I hope she takes the hint in the title!)

2/Cath Kidston bag. I always love CK's use of colour and this pink and green bag 'pops' nicely.

3/Toile curtains. I picked these up for our tiny loungeroom. I love toile and this has charming scenes of village life.

4/Kate Bush book. This classic came from a French EBay seller. It's another from the '80s. I used to borrow this book from the school library and it brought back many pleasant memories as I perused the photos of the amazing Kate.

5/Poodle shower curtain. A vintage '50s shower curtain featuring French poodles against a background of Eiffel Towers and pink macrons and baguettes was probably my most extravagant purchase, as I already have several white shower curtains. But I couldn't resist those poodles!

It is fortunate my writing, Blogging and playing with Daisy takes up all my time or I would blow our budget out with op-shops and EBay.
Is there anything you can't resist when shopping? Do tell!

I wish you a relaxing weekend filled with abundance in all areas of your life. I've just received my two US subscription magazines (Cookie and Romantic Country) and so I have plenty of light reading.
Keep creative and stay chirpy. xx


  1. It's amazing what you can unearth in the op shops. I love the poodle shower curtain!!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment earlier xx

  2. oh what fabulous finds! the toile is just perfect, and i certainly wouldn't be able to resist the poodle shower curtain either! i love op-shopping too and can't go past well-crafted handknitted or crochet items or glass tableware (depression-era pressed glass or 70's-80's arcoroc). i have to watch it though, as being buried in clutter is a real risk. it's a shame that fab vintage things are getting harder to come by.

  3. Ooo cool things - I like toile too - is that what it is called - that kind of pattern/scene effect? I took a photo of some wall paper like that recently...and do share with us an interesting facts about Kate Bush! :) xxx

  4. I love them all! Especially the poodle shower curtain... that is so cool and inventive! I need to give thrift stores another go. I just can't be bothered to rumage through things to find the gems (like the ones you did!).

    Hmm.. things I can't resist? Speciality tea, chocolate, blazers (random, I know), good tank tops, lovely soaps, and makeup makeup makeup! (Oh and books too) ;) Have a wonderful weekend xo

    This is Jennifer (Daily Connoisseur) by the way- I forgot to log in and didn't want to lose my long comment! xoxo

  5. I love your recent finds. Especially the bag! :) Hope you have a great weekend, too. I'm here trying to recover from not feeling well today. =/

  6. Hi Josephine! Just to let you know that I am adding you to my blogroll today. :)

    I LOVE Cath Kidston, and I love that bag.

    Andrea xx

  7. You got some good treasures there!!! Well done!!!

    lesley : )

  8. lots of fabulous treasures- i love ur blog and all its nostalgic charms ;0) thanks for ur thoughtful comments ;0)xxxx

  9. Love your fabulous finds!
    Thrift stores, yard sales and antique or estate auctions are my usual haunts. And I am ever so lucky to live just 20 minutes away from Brimfield Antiques and Flea Market, which opens it's 1 mile stretch filled with hundreds of booths of the finest junk our New England dealers could get their hands on. Divinity. I just would be the most snarly woman in the world if I didn't get my rummaging time in!
    What stops me dead in my tracks? More like, what doesn't? I break for textiles and linens, old books, old kitchen and domestic gadgets (I don't own a food processor), usable Victorian clothing...especially youth items and black coats, HATS (tea parties and photo shoots), Victorian Christmas treasures, prints that strike my fancy, elaborate picture frames, pocket watches devoid of their innards, hotel silver, children's books illustrated by Janet and Anne Grahame- Johnstone ( they are found in Australia and England commonly) and of course, my Mary's. I have been collecting images of the Mother in all her incarnations since I was a young teen. I was excited to have recently read that you collect them also!
    My favorites are small antique prints in Florentine frames, Byzantine prints, charms, neglected garden statues, triptychs (Florentine) and metaled icons, generally from Russia, Poland or Greece. I also am in love with Dia de los Muertos virgins and other unusual finds.
    I fall in love easily...I try to limit my time rummaging, but my 4 children have all inherited my disease. Poor Daddy.

  10. Hello Josephine

    I hope that you had a good weekend. What did we do before Ebay existed?! I think it's fantastic being able to buy all sorts from all over the world! You certainly have bought some lovely things. I am intrigued by the cookie magazine, I've not heard of it before and am about to go and find out more about it. Still haven't got round to getting a subscription of Romantic Magazine, thanks for the reminder!
    I wish you a good start to the week. As you are already starting your Monday morning, it's still Sunday over here and I am off to bed!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  11. Great Booty Josephine, wouldn't mind a flick through the Kate Bush book myself, as it is perfect cosy coil up with memory lane weather I think today.

    Did you find any treasures for your shed? Shed seems to harsh a word, retreat, cabin, refuge, mini palazzo?

  12. Darling - I love your blog ! thankyou for following mine or else I might have missed the opportunity to see you beautiful and very inspiring blog today !! I had this Mark and Mandy book myself when I was growing up - and loved it !! I am sure it will make a charming little christmas pressie !! I am now following your blog too and look forward to many inspiring updates from you in the future ! XX


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