Friday, October 9, 2009

Fabbo Friday - Friends and Pirates

A grey and rainy day Friday in Sydney. I took Daisy into the city to be fitted for her first proper pair of ballet slippers – quite an exciting event for us both.
Then I met my lovely friend Lesley who has a Blog called The Pink Princess. Lesley was enjoying five childfree days in Sydney. I first saw Lesley years ago in an interior design magazine and fell in love with her very pretty house. She has a girlie, frou-frou style and also has a daughter named Daisy.
We emailed a couple of times and finally met when she came to Sydney. It's always a bit scary when you meet somebody that you've only ever known online before but Lesley has the type of engaging, down-to-earth, friendly personality that even the most introverted person quickly warms to. She says what she thinks and I always love a person who has no pretensions. I'm often in awe of her crafty, capable personality. As well as running a very successful EBay business, she Blogs, cares for two children, runs her lovely home and works in the emergency department of a busy city hospital. We also have in common a love of crime novels. Here she is in the Botanical Gardens. Her Blog is
The Pink Princess if you want to say hello.
Bidding Lesley adieu, Daisy and I met the Scribe and we went to tour Captain Paul Watson's ship the Steve Irwin at Circular Quay. It was enormously exciting to be on board the ship that does so much good for our oceans. We saw the effigy presented to Captain Paul Watson by the Dali Lama which is in a glass dome on the bridge. It represents using intimidation to threaten your enemies. We heard from our tour guide James many thrilling stories of confrontations on the high seas and what life is really like aboard for the crew.
As I said in my Monday post the Scribe and I have long been big fans of Paul Watson and so this was a special treat for us. I do love ships very much and the Scribe has often called me an old sea dog because of my love of ships and the ocean. This is a pretty special ship. They played a short DVD which had graphic detail of whales and dolphins being butchered and also shark-finning. When the DVD was over the room of people taking the tour burst into spontaneous applause for the efforts of the crew on board.
We are going to take a bag of groceries to the ship as they are heading down to Antarctica just after midday on Monday and accept food donations. If you are in Sydney and would like to help then please take a bag of groceries (vegan) to the Sea Shepherd at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay.
Finally, the Scribe (here he is holding his book, Tour To Hell) has recently started his own Blog website. If you feel like saying hello, you can visit him
I hope you have a lovely weekend and it is filled with inspiring and lovely things. Thanks for visiting me. xx
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  1. I'm off to visit Pink Princess and Scribe...

    (love-love-love Louise Brooks and Picnic and Hanging Rock)

  2. ooo will take a look at the scribes blog pronto! Sounds like you have been up to some interesting stuff! I take it Daisy is going to take ballet classes as well - the shoes aren't just for fun? My mum sent me to ballet when I was small because I have inward hips and the doctor said that it would improve the way I walk (my feet turn in very slightly). It didn't really help but it was fun nonetheless! :) I loved my tutu! It was pink with a lovely shiny fabric.

    It is also interesting to read about your friendship online. I'm going to blog about this at some point as I was talking to my dad about it just the other day - 'the wondrous world of blogs' and why they are so great and how friendships can develop and how communicating is great etc etc... Anyway will let you know when it is up! Hope you have a good weekend! xxx

  3. Hello Josephine

    Lesley does seem like a lovely genuine person. So pleased that when you did meet up, you still felt the same way. I have just have a quick look at her blog but have a longer look later this evening when all is quiet here.

    I did bellet as a child but as I also did gymnastics it interfered with my posture, I kept curving my back and bottom sticking out! A real gymnastic posture. As I was top of the class on Gym, mit made sense to stick with that instead! I did love the tutu and ballet shoes...
    Paul Wtason does sound like a very special person indeed, we need more people like that out there! I have watched a TV series on the South pacific and the oceans in the world and it is horrid to think what goes on...
    How funny that you love ships, me too! As it happens I am in the middle of preparing for a forth coming post to do with my love of ships, the old tall ships to be precise...
    Well I'm off to have a stop of lunch now, it's raing here too..
    Have a great weekend
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. Thank you for the new links Josephine. It sounds like you had a very happy and fun day with Lesley and the Scribe. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  5. Wow- I often wonder what it would be like to meet my fellow bloggers- I am like you- a bit shy- but I think it would be so fun! It sounds like you had a lovely day... I hope your have a great weekend! xo

  6. greetings doll...i also love your sweet pink slippers...much more cute than mine! lovely blog...skipping over to check your friends

  7. With an introduction like that I have to visit your friend's blog. And I love that you are both taking groceries to the ship. Very cool!xoxo

  8. I want to say thank you for your comments re my post Antique Cinderella: It's weird but when I stumbled across it and once I got over the 'wow, my little old book', I thought of you. Lo and behold you had a copy too!

    It is your love of childrens books and vintage that is taking me back, I suppose to the very origins of reading. I want to start collecting the books from my past. So thanks for inspiring!

    Great post: I had a quick pop over to The Scribe, I will say hello soon. I don't know what `I was expecting - perhaps a Mr & Mrs / His and Hers blog but no. Rest assured completely different ... Well done.

  9. OH I just adore your blog, it's much too cute!

  10. Hiya Josephine!!!

    I sent through a big post last night to your blog and it doesnt seem to have made it!! : (
    Thank you so much for a lovely day and a lovely post!!I had a fabulous time and it is always great to catch up with you and little Daisy every time i come to Sydney!Next time i will bring "big" daisy i promise!!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous day out on the ship,i was thinking of you when i was waiting for my ferry!!Glad Daisy didnt freak out at the gory dvd!! Not nice stuff!!
    And for fellow readers out there,i just have to say that Josephine is every bit as lovely in person as she is on her blog!!!We had a lovely time in the botanical gardens despite the miserable rain!!
    Anyway,off to brekky with the boys,so will catch up later!
    have a great weekend!

    Lesley : )

  11. i realise now where last nighst post ended up,i didnt see the verification letters at the bottom i had to type in!! : )

  12. hi ya xxxxx thanks huni for ur sweet comments xxxx i love ur blog xxxxx just to let u know to add the new template u need to delete the old ones where u added gadget xxxxx

  13. How amazing to be on that boat! Fab! Also I understand the aprehension before meeting someone like this, its so great though in the end. Have a great week.


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