Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabbo Friday - Fab & Lovely Finds

Hope your week is going well. I've been so busy this week with the renovation and there hasn't been as much time to work on my mystery novel as I would have liked. It's the last week of school holidays in Sydney and I will miss having Daisy around when she returns to her preschool. We've had enormous fun this week together playing fairy games and visiting op shops and toyshops together. It's always a privilege when she lets me into her imaginative worlds.
I've been working through a maze of wallpaper, linens, storage and curtains: the pressure is now on as we are shortly returning to our inner-city home. I'm very sad about that as we have enjoyed being by the beach so much!
I thought I would share a few prints I've picked up for Daisy's room. I bought Ava's Tea Party without realising there is a very tragic story behind it. It makes me value this beautiful print even more and I feel really honoured to have it a part of Daisy's room. I do love the work of this British illustrator a lot as she creates the magic, joy and innocence of childhood. It is such a precious time and I never understand people wanting their children to grow up too quickly. You can read about my lovely print
The following two prints, Tea for Two and Black Bunny Spell are by the Queen of Fab, Emily Martin of Inside A Black Apple. How can one young girl be so stylish, beautiful, clever and talented? I think Emily has performed her own Black Bunny Spells as she is just so gifted!
And they are my Fab finds of this week. I think they are pretty special and Ava's Tea Party in particular takes my breath away with the beauty that can come from such a tragic story.
Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for visiting me. Hope you find plenty of moments to relax, read beautiful books and reflect on beautiful art.


  1. A hedgehog having a afternoon tea, how darling...
    I hope your renovation is all you hoped for...

  2. Oh that is sad...they are particularly poignant and beautiful because of this story, aren't they? ...

    Thanks for all the advice on my last is always useful to hear other people's view points! I'll have a think and then I'd better just seize the day and get on with it! :) xxx

  3. its hard when the little ones are not around- i get so used to sweet ps company will b hard when she starts pre school in january ;0)
    love the piccys- especially little sweet girl and hedgehog. love your sweet blog xxxxx

  4. Just beautiful prints - think I will have to look into aquiring one or two!! I hope you have a good weekend too - I'm going to try to chill out which probably will be impossible as no doubt the kids have other plans. Thanks for keeping up with my blog too.

  5. These are really beautiful illustrations Josephine....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  6. I love these prints they are adorable. I am so excited to hear more about your new mystery. I love that we are both working on one at the same time! I am almost finished with the second draft of mine.... so exciting!!

  7. What a beautiful story behind these prints...out of sadness came beauty.

    Thank you for sharing these and the story. I'm so happy for you to have those moments with your little girl, Daisy. How sweet!
    Children are incredible!

    Happy weekend~

  8. Thanks Gondal-girl I do love hedgehogs doing anything but afternoon tea is very sweet. I'm good at giving advice Curious Cat. I've been having a similar dilemma myself so hope you get it sorted!Thanks Sweetpea Senior, I am already working myself up about Daisy starting 'big school' I am sure Sweetpea will love her preschool I cried for hours when Daisy started preschool. I was a shocker. Kate, hope your weekend is as relaxing as you wished. With little ones around it is difficult. Thank you, Vicki. I can't wait to read your new book! Jennifer, I'm so proud that you are now on the second draft. I really can't wait until your mystery is picked up! Thanks Calli and Catherine. It's always good to see you here. xx

  9. lovely prints! i've actually been considering a couple of black apple prints for my girls' room too! i heard emily interviewed on craftsanity, and she is such a lovely person too. i agree with you about making the most of the magic of childhood, even if it means mummy regresses a bit as well ...!

  10. Or Mummy regresses rather too much Pinry! I think the neighbours here must think I'm cracked running around the yard after Daisy with my wings and tiara on. xx

  11. Ooohhhhh I TOTALLY love the 2nd one down!! :) Lovely post.

    PS There's a party going on over at the manor where I live...many, many distinguished guests are currently there. :)


  12. Hi Josephine - Thanks so much for your message. You're my first follower and it's very exciting! I shall have to be careful not to stay up too late with this new blogging lark as I, like you, do not get enough sleep..... Looks like we share some similar interests, I will definitely check in with your blog too. Again thanks for your message, it feels like a lovely welcome to the blogging community - Clara

  13. such gorgeous prints!!! Just wanted to let you know if you wanted the choclate cake recipe on my last post, if you go back to it and click on baking at the bottom it will bring up all my baking posts and the second one down will have the recipe, it is soooo easy and failsafe too

  14. I have always loved these prints/art. Something about them that I can't really put into words. By the way I have Cath's book "Sew'....its brilliant.

  15. just think...Daisy has a lovely story to go with her gorgeous print; yes, it's a sad story...but also lovely in the fact Ava lives on forever when people look at the print. Gee, I hope that makes sense!
    i also love the black apple prints....that's the sort of artwork i have dotted around my house (some on the floor waiting to find the perfect place to be hung....). i love Mark Ryden stuff, too. after seeing Daisy's chandelier and prints i am wondering if you'd like to adopt me? please?......


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