Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday and The Ballet Class

There was a time in my life when I would have baulked at the thought I would be the shortest and dumpiest in any class. But with age comes fearlessness re what others may think. And so this Monday I survived my first adult ballet class.
I was awfully proud of myself as this group has been dancing all year together and were rather professional. It was surprising to me how well I was able to follow some steps (yes, even twirls and spins). The teacher said, 'You catch on quickly, Jo' and the class applauded. Probably more in relief that there was something dumpy and hopeless amongst them!
Lest you think me a total braggart let me quickly say that I was even more pants at the stretching at the barre work than I could have ever imagined. I was like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. In fact, I got myself stuck on the barre whilst my teacher pushed, pulled and screamed encouragement, breaking both my hips and pelvis so that I could be more flexible in the following lesson.
I was terribly stiff from years of sitting hunched over a laptop. I left the class 'floating on air', as they say, but the following day I woke up in agony. My muscles had suddenly realised they were alive and weren't happy about the fact.
I shall return next week if I can find the strength to walk there.
And yes, that is me above as a young ballerina in Lae, New Guinea. How I wish my legs were as shapely as that now! Still, it was my Inspiration post about the lovely Juliette Binoche that spurred me on. If she can take up dancing in her forties then it's good enough for me!
Hope your week is going well. I am still unpacking boxes and living in chaos and clutter. Renovation is such a slow and horrid business. xx


  1. I think it's great that you have taken up ballet again! Have fun!

  2. i thought that photo was of daisy! how wonderful that your body remembers what to do in the ballet class. you and juliette are both inspiring! i hope there's room in little brick for a bathtub to soak your sore muscles in!

  3. Thanks Jen. Pinry, most people think Daisy looks like my partner but when you see photos of me as a child she looks exactly like me! I can definitely see the Penniott in her. xx

  4. Thats a lovely post x it did make me giggle...i get sooo stiff and achey too-even just after a country walk hehe...well done you!! you must have been the A* student in ballet...i always hated being taller than my friends , so i guess it goes both ways hehe.
    your great at writing- i feel i was there with have a great talent! ;0) good luck with the renovations

  5. Ah! Well done! It is great to be learning new things and getting fit - even if it aches a lot the next day - I rediscovered that feeling when I began the gym a few months back! Still, it is a good ache - muscles coming back to life as you so said! Keep us posted on how it all goes! xxx

  6. Well done you. What brilliant news.
    Rachael XX

  7. Oh your pic is so incredibly cute! And I applaud you for taking up the class!! I'm sure you will do well and be ahead of the class soon:)


  8. Bravo! What a fantastic thing to do. I loved ballet and have thought when the kids are at school full time it would be great to take it up again. The floaty dresses ... the shoes!

  9. I admire you for taking up ballet, and I'm sure you'll do great. The young ballerina in the above picture is adorable.

  10. How fun and inspiring! So proud of you! xo


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