Monday, November 23, 2009

Magnificent, Marvellous, Mighty Monday and 'Poets Cottage' inspiration

This week I thought you might be interested to see a few images that inspired my current book in progress, 'Poets Cottage'.
On our last trip to my home state of Tasmania, we treated ourselves to a week in the sea-fishing village of Stanley, renting the historic Captain's Cottage. I'm a big lover of sea-fishing villages and Stanley in many ways is like entering an Enid Blyton book. The town is filled with historic cottages, dramatic seascapes and a large gothic cemetery by the sea. The magnificent Regency-style mansion Highfield has thousands of tales brewing inside it, including a very tragic story of the daughter of the original owners, who was killed when her pet dog dragged her into a fence while leading her around in her toy buggy. And I fell in love with a beautiful Georgian-style house that looks a little like the Bronte parsonage.
My book 'Poets Cottage' was born as I chatted to locals and walked the beach. All the visual elements surrounding me, sheep grazing in cemeteries, cottage-style gardens, the ocean, large houses filled with screams of grief, ghosts that wouldn't rest. Family secrets. Tasmanian devils. Bohemia. Sea-changes. The 1930s. A town where crime never happens... until it does.
My characters were so vivid it was as if they materialized and introduced themselves. And the theme of the book – family secrets and lies, memory and truth – was always there.
The book came quickly. The first draft flowed easily and my agent was happy with the chapters. I’m now working through another draft. I hope you enjoy these few early holiday inspiration shots that inspired Poets Cottage. I shall post some more inspiration photos next week.


  1. i love that first photo of daisy running - so joyful. your novel sounds very intriguing and atmospheric, and it's wonderful to have this insight into your inspiration for story making. hope work on it continues to flow just as readily.

  2. Oh I adore the first pic of your daughter! So precious! And it's great how you shared bout your inspiration in writing your novel! I really find the whole process fascinating!!

    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes:)

  3. Beautiful. It's the stuff books are made of.

  4. Oh wow I am so excited to catch a glimpse into your book! It sounds sooo fascinating. I love the haunted history and richness- Can't wait to read it! xo

  5. Sea -fishing villages everywhere are an attraction. This one being filled with historic cottages, cemeteries, tales, is indeed a great source of inspiration for a successful book.
    I like all the above pictures; they're lovely.

  6. I am so inspired by your excitement about your home state and all the joy it brings.
    I look forward to reading this book!
    I love the title! :)

    Sounds intriguing!

    Lovely little girl you have!

    Calli xx

  7. ooo sounds exciting! I love it when one is inspired and creative ideas flow! Would love to read it when it is finished! Reminds me I need to return to my own writing that I have neglected as of

  8. Oh, those photos are wonderful. So atmospheric.

    Good luck with the novel. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.

  9. First time here and I see you are fellow writer (of a different genre). A great blog, full of interest!

  10. Oh Josephine, we are already planning our 2nd trip to Tassie next year and Stanley is on the top. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Wow - I can't wait to visit Stanley now, or to read your book! I have long been intrigued by the Nut, and you have conjoured up such an evocative picture of the town and the people, and all very reminiscent of my homeland, England. I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your warm comments on my blog. Keep us posted on your book!


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