Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabbo Friday and French Flicks, Kirsty, Donovan and Santa's Magic Cave

We braved the searing Sydney temperatures to visit Santa today in his Magic Cave and admire the annual David Jones window display. And so I could get fitted for ballet slippers (gulp, I'm getting serious here).
It always makes me feel a little more in the Christmassy spirit to see those singing pinecones and Manger scenes. This will be a very busy weekend with more work on the house, ballet and swimming.
My lovely neighbour and friend leant me the wonderful French movie happily ever after to watch. Have you seen it? She knew I’d be interested as Johnny Depp makes a cameo appearance. It is a really charming movie and Charlotte Gainsbourg is beautiful. So slim and so much like Serge and Jane, her fab Mamma and Papa. The only defect of this movie is that Johnny's part is so small. What you see in this picture is about it. But as usual, he plays the role superbly.
On the topic of fab parents, RED magazine for October featured the King and Queen of fab, Donovan Leitch and Kirsty Hume, with their lovely daughter Violet, in a gorgeous fashion spread. And also the fab UK writer Sadie Jones (of The Outcast fame) in her home. For the benefit of overseas readers, October RED has just arrived in Australia. I don't buy the air-freight magazines as they are so expensive.
RED Magazine, spanking new ballet slippers, French films, Johnny Depp are all soothing to the soul when you've been inside Santa's Magic Cave.
I hope your weekend is filled with magic, beauty and the odd singing pinecone. Thanks for visiting me. xx


  1. i love your juxtaposition of fab things! i'm imagining you dancing the nutcracker suite to a chorus of singing pinecones! i'm yet to brave santa's grotto - maybe next year... have a great weekend x

  2. I remember my visits every Christmas to see Santa at David Jones...I never could decide if it was more for me than the children! Thank you for the movie recommendation, I will enjoy you know I love a French flick and one with JD, even a cameo role, has sparked my interest. Have a happy weekend, xv.

  3. sounds like you are getting into the Christmas spirit despite the heat! Cold & wet here today & very un-christmassy! Lizzie x

  4. I'm going to have to look into that film. Sounds like a great cast.

  5. Oh, this post has magically put me in the mood for Christmas, which is a surprise to me being sooo early and the mere mention of Johnny, well, you know! ;)

    All fab on this Friday! I will check out that film you mentioned.

    I hope you get your ballet shoes~
    best weekend, Josephine~
    Calli xo
    ps~sorry I've been slow to visit.

  6. I haven't seen this movie- how is this possible?! Aren't you thrilled that Johnny was named sexiest man alive for the second time? Have wonderful weekend xo

  7. What a great weekend planned, I adore Johnny, thanks for the little snap of him here, it has made my morning.


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