Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chit-chat Wednesday and Damn right I'm a ballet mum!

I was chit-chatting with a mother during an outing at a local park and I mentioned my daughter took ballet classes. The effect on the mother was startling and instantaneous. She pulled her neck out like a swan and hissed in a disgusted voice: "I can't believe you're one of THOSE ballet mums."
I saw myself through her eyes, dragging a little girl to classes filled with pampered children in pink spangly costumes being put through their paces to be a STAR whilst I waited in the wings, screaming encouragement, pulling my hair out when my daughter faltered with tears in her eyes, begging to go play in the sand-pit.
Of course all this is nonsense. I studied ballet at a very basic level when I was young. I firmly believe ballet or dance studies encourages discipline, teamwork, co-ordination, self-esteem and a sense of achievement.
My daughter occasionally grumbles at having to get out of bed early on a Saturday, but always loves seeing her friends in her dance class. We have one of the best ballet teachers I could imagine. She is adored by many and is a firm disciplinarian of the old school but with a heart of gold. I am grateful my daughter has received the chance to train under her for a period of time. When my very ill father and mother travelled to visit us, our lovely ballet teacher broke her rule and permitted them to view the class and treated them like royalty. My parents also fell under her spell and often refer to their brief meeting with her.
I’ve observed how well my daughter has begun to carry herself. She is very tall and I know the ballet is helping her posture. In fact, I’m going to sign up myself for a series of Adult beginner classes in the hope of losing some weight and improving my dire posture. I am still amused by the shocked expressions on the Scribe's and Daisy's face when I announced this. It is time to set our dancing expert a real challenge.
Yes, damn right I'm a ballet mum and proud to be one!

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  1. I studied ballet from 5-15 years old. I remember my mum taking me on the first day. I loved every second. I am still undecided whether or not to start my daughter next year or not, she keeps saying she doesn't want to do ballet ( a 4 year old mind you!). So I guess I won't push it. But it just taught me so much - and gave me skills like confidence etc. Valuable stuff later in life.

  2. I always wanted to do ballet as a little girl but for some reason my parent's didn't encourage it! I've since had so many dreams about the lost ballet career I could have had lol! You should be proud to be a ballet mum- the benefits Daisy will receive from it will be abundant xo

  3. Simone, see how Charli feels next year. She might change her mind. If not, I wouldn't push it. There are so many other great things out there. Daisy really wanted to do it. Jennifer, it is not too late! If I can go to classes then anybody on this earth could! xx

  4. Hello Josephine

    No problem, I am happy send you some glasses if you can email me your address please, thank you.

    I did ballet when I was young, I remember dancing to swan lake in my little pink tutu.

    I also did gymnastics and was a lot better at that. My gymnastics posture kept affecting my ballet posture so I opted for swinging from one bar to another instead of doing ballet!

    How funny that the Mother would come up with such a remark! It is true that there are Mothers out there who will push the daughter but it's wrong to assume that all are like that.

    What a good idea you having another go at it!
    I can see myself sticking to brisk walking to keep my weight down ;-))

    Take care

    Isabelle x

  5. well it's better than a soccer mum!

    to be honest I often wonder how people judge so readily, hissing their opinions at us...

    I love ballet, all it stands for and teaches


  6. I've always longed to study ballet as a child but never had the chance to! I think it's great you're going for classes!!

    So I'm definitely going to be one of those ballet moms if my daughter is so inclined:P

  7. hi J
    i totally agree with you...i did ballet from age 4 to 14(had to give up cause of the illness) i am tall myself 5'10 and i credit ballet with giving me good posture,body awareness,musicality and never slouching or being afraid of my height. I would recommend it totally to all little girls. tho i would perhaps halt at going onto point work as it can damage the feet so.
    i imagine your daughter is inheriting your grace inside and out,
    Kat x

  8. Aw! You go for it! Sounds like a great idea!
    People are so prone to preconceived ideas aren't they? Their own folly...not yours! xxx

  9. I took ballet when I was little. I took it until I was in the 8th grade and my parents decided I needed to play golf and tennis instead. I loved ballet much more than golf or tennis. I had no talent but I had plenty of passion for it. I love seeing little girls in ballet class. There is almost nothing cuter.xoxo

  10. what a great idea to take up ballet for fitness and posture! so much more glamourous than the gym, and the clothes are better! please keep us posted on your new regime.

  11. I am stunned at people's assumptions this is why I just can't mix with the mums at school, I never have because of this kind of crap.

  12. I don't happen to be a parent, but that woman's judgmental attitude annoys even me. Why say such a thing when she has no idea of the situation? She didn't even stop to consider that maybe it was your daughter who asked to attend ballet class?

    I took ballet for a couple of years. (and, yes, I asked to attend) Not only was it a lot of fun, it also taught poise, good posture, and fitness.

  13. I loved ballet and was heartbroken when I had to quit. That woman is one of those closed-minded judgmental people that should be ignored.

  14. I love that you're going to take up ballet too - that is so great!
    My little one has just started this year and just had her very first performance - which was hilarious - so much fun :) I cried and laughed!!
    My expereince so far has been really positive: great teacher, Melli has so much fun - she dances at home all the time too and I really dig the other mums who have girls in the same class... ballet can be a positive experience all round.
    Poo to anyone who says otherwise.


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