Friday, November 27, 2009

Fabbo Friday and Fab Swimsuits and Time

I'm not a fan of summer. But I am slightly consoled by my new Prue Trollope bathing suit. I've never suited modern swimsuits and have always had to buy vintage bathers to look half-way decent. At times I did tend to look a bit like Grandma on the beach but that was okay. Then I discovered my lovely swimming suit from Prue Trollope's online shop. It is everything she claims it is: the perfect cozzi. Mine is the black version of the one above. I think I'll also buy this red one. When my Pink Princess friend came to Sydney recently she visited Prue's shop and like me fell in love with the bathers once she had tried them on. And so don't say I never share the good stuff with you. If your body type isn't suited to modern day sizing, then here is the costume that will change your life and summer!
Enjoy your weekend. It has been so stifling hot in Sydney. I can barely breathe in the inner-city and think longingly of cool water, parasols, a ride in the Snow Queen's chariot into cool dark nights.
Time is flying away from me. It is terrifying. The days are spinning me around and every time I look at my daughter I get a shock at the little girl who has replaced the baby. Time is speeding towards Christmas. So much to be done!
May you hold time this weekend and make every second precious and appreciate the unique beauty in your theatre of life.
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  1. that swimsuit is fabulous! i also prefer '40's or 50's styles - so much more flattering and glamorous. i'm not a summer person either, i prefer forgiving layers! don't get too bewitched by the snow queen, she's a tricky one!

  2. As Sandy Denny once sang 'Who knows where the time goes?' Do you know her? I think you might like her...she was a british folk singer of the 60's with a beautiful voice of times gone by and she died tragically by falling down the stairs... see here:

    Also, sister showed me this sight: I want one - the black one - which I imagine is like yours? I could be daring and go for red but I'm a little uncertain... one to send to the boyf for Christmas gift ideas! :)

  3. ooo I love the glasses on the site you recommended! Cool!!! xxx

  4. PPS - Your comment on cars - how awful! I do agree with you in some respects about the worst inventions ever...the world would be a very different place without them...less polluted and pretty...I don't imagine I'll ever be a big driver. It runs in our family - some take to it like a duck on water - like my mum - she is an excellent driver - but others like my gran, my uncle and me are like '!' I enjoy walking to be honest...but the freedom the car offers is alluring...still I prefer being the passenger...I can daydream then and stare out the window... xxx

  5. Ah, a very "Sunrise, Sunset" moment :) I too can't get over how the year has flown, and how each year seems to fly faster than the last. How I would love to get into swimmers right now - alas the polka dot bikini will languish at the bottom of the drawer for many months yet. I hope to get out my snow boots again though! Happy weekend to you Josephine :) xx

  6. Oh, that swimsuit is absolutely lovely! You must get the red version as well!!

  7. Hello Josephine

    What a glamourous looking swimming costume. I love it! I do like the swimming costumes of the 40's and 50's.

    Funny how on the other side of the world it is so hot when I am sitting here very close to the radiator as I am cold!

    I'm not one for hot sunny days, I prefer milder weather too.

    Prue Trollope's website is fantastic, so many pretty things that I spotted! May be just as well that it's not based in the UK... I might spend a bit too much. Love the frilly lampshades.

    I wish you a lovely weekend!
    Take care
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. I've just found your lovely blog!
    I love all things red and white polka-dotted, so your swimming costume is just fabulous! Each photograph on the side of your blog created another Ooh! or Ah!
    Thank you so much for reminding me about Armand and Michaela Denis I used to really enjoy their programmes on television as a child, I'd completely forgotten.

  9. Very glam swimsuit. But it's so cold here, swimsuits are the last thing on my mind. We're getting a woodburning stove soon - can't wait to bask in the warmth!

  10. What a stunning swimming suit I bet you look gorgeous in it :)

    I hope you are finding some time to chill with everything that is going on with your home and that you are finding a little space to write. I am so glad Daisy like's my Daisy's room, maybe she would like a little parcel from Daisy, I hope it would be alright to send a little something :)

    Sending you hugs and love



  11. That bathing suit is marvelous! And I absolutely love your writing- the theatre of life... so poetic xo

  12. Ooo, I am loving that bathing suit. Has great coverage with that flattering halter top...very nice!

    Josephine~ I always love the variety of your posts, as well as, your upbeat positive energy. So inspiring and oh so charming!

    Calli xx
    ps~ I love your new profile pretty!

  13. Oh I adore this swimsuit - I am sure you look a glamerous dream in the black version !!! Am off to check out the website now - thankyou for sharing this wonderful post....I love the other photos too - you are quite the photographic artist !!


  14. Yes we are mostly all in the same boat here, I recently purchased a red and white old style bathing suit. I LOVE these from Prue. Thanks so much for your well wishes last week.


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