Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tale Peddler Moving

The spiders have taken over my garden. They have woven webs so thickly we are like a brick cottage version of Sleeping Beauty. And for my miniature Sleeping Beauty there is much work to be done.
We need to unpack bags, clean the mess from the last renovation, weed the garden and paint an easel. Assemble a hundred Billys, two wardrobes, craft organiser, TV unit, CD shelves and arrange the 'pretty finishing touches' after we wallpaper. A shed has to be painted and office papers culled.
Major decisions have to be made quickly on schools and books have to be written. Prints have to be framed. A long overdue post-office visit and dentist arrangements booked. Curtains have to be hung, chandeliers cleaned and a geriatric, incontinent dog cared for. Did I mention the Scribe and I are sleeping on a mattress on the floor as we threw our bed out before we left and somehow never found time to buy another one?
It is raining softly in Sydney and little Brick Cottage is filled with the activity of a home being made. Tale Peddler will resume normal transmission next week if all is well. I hope to find time to visit my dear Bloggy friends this week and say hello. We are happy although chaotic and drowning in mess and activity.
I miss my writing. I ache for my book.
And we all miss the sea.


  1. Don't forget to take a little time out for a hot cuppa and to stop and smell the roses.



  2. Oh poor you, thats alot of work to be done. Hopefully as you say 'normal service' will be resumed soon and you can get on with nicer things like your writing X

  3. I'm confused - did you just move this week? Why away from the sea? Where are you now? I love how you ache to write...I wish I was like that a bit more -then I'd get round to completing something!!! Still, I have some renewed enthusiasm - just got to use it before it wanes again! Hope you guys get through it all xxx

  4. good luck with the moving and sorting! sounds daunting of course, but seems like you are very organised already. little brick will be gorgeous when you finish.

  5. Seems like a lot of work!!

    But hopefully it would be over..


  6. Wow - not much to do then!! Hope it's going ok and that you can build yourself a corner in which to write. I think that must be what I'm lacking - maybe that's the explanation.

  7. keep at it girly u will get there in the end!
    good luck with the move!...have some chockies in between and put those cinderella feeties up for a little while!! hehe xxxx

  8. Girl, all I can say is... you need an assistant! lol! Moving house can be sooo stressful- so many things to do! I hope you find the time to write... I know what it feels like to ache for it... best of luck! xoxo

  9. Josephine, I love this post. I love it. Another busy bee. It makes me smile, because I can relate so much. And you know what tickles me the most? The variety. The sheer variety of what has to be done. Isn't it a wonderful life?

    Hope you get to quench your urge to write soon!


  10. 'we are like a brick cottage version of Sleeping Beauty,' makes it sound worthwhile. Good luck - keep sane. x

  11. This experience will give you heaps to write about dont worry. Take care.

  12. Hello Josephine

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my Dorset posts! I'd love to write a book! as it happens, it is something that Alan would love to do BUT there are so many other things that need our attention first. Hopefully one day!
    I do feel for you, moving isn't much fun. The chaos and mess of it all can get you down a bit. I remember when I moved in with Alan 5 years ago, I brought with me the contents of another house! We have been decluttering ever since! Stay positive, you'll get there in the end. Once the mess is cleared it's the pleasure of arranging/decorating it and making it your own.
    Are you referring to the the cottage in the woods for Sleeping beauty (Disney)? It sounds like my kind of place!
    Good luck with it all, take care!
    Isabelle x

  13. oh happy moving!!! my peace and calm be with you
    while you close your petals to move... they
    will open again i promise! hearts to you
    my dear ♥ xoxo

  14. I hope all is coming along well. We miss you. Make sure to take some breaks and enjoy a hot cuppa and the sun. Talk to you soon! :)



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