Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chit-chat Wednesday - Unlocking the Sun - Key One

Little bird, you are holding the key in your mouth. Rusty, ancient, it will unlock the sun releasing yellow fire and the never-ending stories from tellers since time began and the first campfire's flames and ashes.
Trust Me. Be not afraid.
My love. My feathered wise one.
Even the smallest bird knows the meaning of everything.
January is moving too quickly. Don't you agree? I want to hold onto her. Stop time in my hand.
Special thanks to the lovely Duchess from Rose Tea Cottage for awarding me the Most Royal Blog award. Thank you Duchess. I am sure to join you for afternoon tea soon. What a fab award!


  1. January is moving fast...someone else was just saying that the other day...on the topic of keys - did you ever come across Clarks Magic Step shoes? They were for kids back in the 80's and in the heel there was a little plastic tunnel with a small golden glittering key inside...the advert was so magical about a special princess with a key - every little girl had a pair after that... xxx

  2. I definitely agree with you! I haven't even recovered fully from the hustle and bustle of the celebrations and holidays and now we're approaching February already!!

  3. Lovely and timely post. Thank you so much.

  4. Beautiful... and so apropos... I started re reading The Secret Garden last night and have always loved the idea of the key that opened the gates!

  5. Congrats on your award, it is an honour I feel.

  6. Lady Josephine the pleasure is mine entirely. My darling I thank you for this sweet post; you are so kind my lovely friend. Wear your tiara in good health.

    Love & Hugs

  7. Congrats, such an honour and you definitely deserve it!


  8. Curious Cat, I haven't come across those fab sounding shoes. What a great marketing idea! My daughter would have had to have a pair too.
    Sher, I know. It will ba almost Christmas soon!
    Laura, thank you for your kind comment. Hope you are well.
    Jennifer, I want to re-read The Secret Garden too! The Scribe gave me the 70's movie of it for Christmas.
    Simone, thank you dearest. I see you and Sher also got the same award!
    Duchess, thank you again. I will cherish it. Pop the kettle on, I'm nearly ready to visit.
    Thank you beautiful Rachel. It's always great so see your beautiful Italian blog too! xx

  9. time surely is speeding up - hot cross buns are in the shops already! congratulations on your award. i'm sure the tiara will go beautifully with your ballet slippers!

  10. Pinry they're not are they? Argh! I hate the shops for dragging all those ancient sacred days down to their level! Ballet slippers may have to have an early retirement, alas. No great loss if so I guess to the world of dance. xx

  11. Congrats of your award. I love to visit here. It always bring a sense of wonder and joy!

    Thank you, Josephine. Happy weekend!
    Calli xo


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