Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hello my cherished sparrows and swans,
I have a crab in my lower back. He has claws of fire and every few minutes he gives me a good pinching. Yes, my back has gone out to celebrate the start of 2010 and I've spent the last couple of days lying on my daughter's bed staring at her vintage fairy curtains, feeling terribly sorry for myself whilst the crab does his nasty work. To cheer myself, here are a few of my favourite 2009 Christmas gifts and memories.
It is always exciting to see Chanel wrapping when you undo a present. And I can think of no better way to spend an evening than snuggled up with the Scribe watching Mad Men. We now have series one and two And Sophie Dahl not only has the best cheekbones ever but also her cookbook, Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights has some terrific recipes with lovely photographs and very entertaining tales of what it's like to live life as Dahl.
And the lovely Carola from Boxwood Cottage made me two beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments which arrived from snowy Germany and are treasured in humid Sydney. The ornaments which you can see here are just are just as enchanting as Carola and her Blog.
But my very favourite Christmas moment was watching my daughter in bed Christmas Eve, face in her hands, wailing "I hope I don't see him!" It really brought back all my magic memories of being half-terrified, yet half-yearning I would see Santa Claus in action. And now all I want is for my pain-killers to work and kill that vicious crab. Enjoy your week. xx


  1. Oh so sorry to hear you have a crab :[
    Rest up gorgeous gal!



  2. i remember my sister and i used to have a stocking at the end of our bed; mum and dad would fill it for us...but santa would bring the presents and put them under the tree! mum laughs when she recounts how (one year) they forgot to put something in my sister's stocking, so went back in about 10 minutes later and the entire stocking was strewn around the bed...but my sister was in deep sleep (with her eyes screwed up really tightly shut!!!!!!)
    i used to wake really really early; it was agonising having to wait 'til 7am to go out to see what santa had bought! woe-be-tide any little girl who needed to pee!!!!
    your ornaments are gorgeous. we couldn't have any on our tree this year because of the puppy...but i did stick a few of my birds on the tree with an owl instead of a star. (thankfully puppy didn't get pigwidgeon because i'm very fond of him).
    i said it before...but i really really hope your back is better soon. get some excercises to do to strengthen your back so it doesn't happen again!!!! blessings to you, the scribe and daisy for the new year....

  3. Thanks Kimmie xx
    Cat, I may have to take up yoga for my back and not sure about my ballet now. Not that it would be any loss to the world of dance if I had to retire already, hee, hee. Sophie is a lovely writer. Her fiction is also wonderful. I guess it's all in her genetics to be so. Your cookbook collection sounds fab. xx

  4. oh no! I hope your back feels better soon and the crab stops pinching! Poor you! Have you been to see the doctors? What have they advised? Not the best way to kick start things!

    The Sophie Dahl book is good isn't it? HarperCollins published it over here so I got myself a lovely free copy and I have yet to properly dip into it. I had to smile about your bring it all back eh? I can't wait for that day when I have some children too! :) xxx

  5. As you know - I do understand. I do like the crab analogy though! I always liken mine to a swarm of bees.

    I hope you feel better soon and if you have any questions about yoga do ask

    Rachel x

  6. Curious Cat,you would be the best Mamma! I can't wait for you to have your kittens when you meet Mr Curious Cat! They will be adorable and smart like you. Yes, I love the Sophie Dahl book, I read it in a few days and have already cooked a few of the recipes. She is such a clever girl. The photography is lovely. I have been to the doctor but have yet to go for my x-rays. I can't face the long sit in the waiting room. xx

  7. Thank you dearest Rachel. I know you share my pain and I will take you up on that Yoga offer. xx

  8. Oh - I hope things ease for you. Back pain is just the WORST. Have you tried acupuncture? It was amazing for me - I was convinced my bad back was with me to stay.

    I regularly look at that Sophie Dahl book and nearly buy it - but then I don't cos it seems such an extravagance. But I think this is the karma I need just to go and get it.

  9. Thanks Kate for the acupuncture tip. I have had it for nausea during pregnancy and it was a help. I'll keep it in mind. Yes get the book! It has some good kiddie recipes in it too. Sophie loves jelly as does my daughter. xx

  10. Your crab sounds really terrible! Hope it goes away soon!!

    And do show us what's underneath the Chanel wrappings!! I'm so excited lol:P


  11. Thanks Sher. It is a bottle of Coco. My favourite Chanel perfume. xx

  12. Hi Josephine- It's The Daily Connoisseur writing from Barbados! I said I would not check out any blogs while I was away but I couldn't stop myself from popping in! I hope your back feels better soon and that crab is on its way. Having a lovely holiday... hope everything else is well. xo

  13. Hello beautiful girl...I am sorry that I have forsaken your blog for so long. (and many others as well. ugh!) Life has been a bit much, especially my health, and I am just getting back to visiting everyone once again. Please do forgive me. :(

    I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Please do take care of yourself. I am lifting you up from here. Big hugs!

  14. hope you're feeling better. i always find my back gives out particularly when things have been busy or stressful - i like to think it's the body's way of forcing you to stop and rest. very painful though, and not helped by looking after a young child when you are constantly bending. take it easy! px

  15. Hi Jennifer, Enjoy your holiday dearest. I have visited your Blog. Barbados sounds a dream. Sophia, it is lovely to hear from you and nothing to forgive :) I shall visit you soon. Pinry,that is such a true comment. Just prior to Christmas I was wishing I could be sick for awhile and go to bed and let the world go by and HERE I AM. Be careful what you wish for! I was reminded of this when I read your comment. xx


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